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What If Sports

Wondering how your team might perform if only.....? Here's where you'll find out.

What If Series: The Big XII added Memphis

In a simulated world the 2014 Memphis Tigers find themselves members of the Big XII. Did the Tigers have what it takes to find success against the big boys of college football or was their 2014 record a fluke?

What if Navy was in the Big 10?

Congratulations, Navy! You are now in a conference. Let's screw with you by putting you in ANOTHER CONFERENCE!

What-If Series: Can Ga. Southern handle the SEC?

We're back with a popular request: Sun Belt newbies Georgia Southern are going to become SEC newbies.

Memphis would have no trouble finding SEC wins.

In a what if world we find no trouble believing the Memphis Tigers would have success against SEC foes. Justin Fuente has rejuvenated a fire within his program which makes it easy to believe the Tigers could win against SEC talent week in and out.

How Would Eagles, Mountaineers Handle C-USA?

The Eagles and Mountaineers made quite the entrance in their first year of Sun Belt competition. What if they'd been invited to C-USA instead?

Let's put the Texas G5 Teams in the Big 12

I'm sorry SMU, but your Southwest Conference travelers' check is no longer accepted at this establishment.