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Western Kentucky's 2016 National Signing Day Outlook

You're going to hear a lot of names come Wednesday, but these are the ones that are most important for you. If you're a Hilltopper fan, that is.

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Let me let you in on a little secret. Come closer. No, closer. Clooooser. NO WAIT, TOO CLOSE. MY BAD. Alright, that's good. Now for the secret:

I don't really care about college recruiting.

Okay, it isn't so much that I don't care as much as I don't truly understand the hoopla over recruiting, especially National Signing Day. It's a bunch of kids sitting at a table and putting on a hat. I put on a hat literally every day. Where are the TV cameras for me?

And, as much as I may crap on recruiting and NSD, here's the odd thing:

I want to get into recruiting.

But in the same way that you wanted to "get into," a subject in school that you really didn't care about. Like math. Or divulging deep into a foreign language. You think "hey, this might actually come in handy some day, and think of how cultured and smart I'll seem!" Then, during the next class, you keep thinking "this is too much I'll never know as much as I need to."

That's the problem I have with recruiting - it's constant. It's ongoing. In a perfect world, I could start on Thursday with the 2017 class, except there are already people who are verbal commits, plus you've got guys with a ton of schools on them, plus schools are trying to target like 50 folks, and you've got JUCO guys and

You know what. I'm getting off topic. And for that, I apologize.

WKU should have a solid day tomorrow - right now, they're a Top 100 class according to Scout, Rivals and 247Sports (who's database we'll be using, just so you know) and are ranked in the top half of CUSA in all of them. Here are the recruits expected to sign National Letters of Intent tomorrow.

Six names are already enrolled on the Hill - linebacker Drew O'Bryan, running back Quinton Baker, defensive back Dee Cain, linebacker Devon Quincy and transfers Chris Johnson (DL) and Omar Stover (RB).

The Tops are expecting to get, the three transfers from Louisville - QB Tyler Ferguson and linebackers Keith Brown and Nick Dawson-Brents - will also be included in the 2016 "class," but they won't be included in any sort of rankings you might find (at least, I think they won't).

I'll be doing my best to update this article as the LOI's are signed and these future Hilltoppers become official, but in the meantime, lets do some learning together. If you know anything about any of the targets, or just want to lay some recruiting knowledge on all of our heads, leave a comment below. Let's all become smarter together.

Go Tops.