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The Internet Had Lots Of Fun With Big Red During The Miami Beach Bowl

Twitter almost never disappoints during big games. The Miami Beach Bowl was no different, and Big Red was the...victim?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While, sure, one could see WKU completing a 12-2 season and winning a second straight bowl game as a successful afternoon, you could look at it in another way - the Tops were one of only two college football teams competing on December 21st, and WKU was the institution with the better mascot (which, honestly, could be said on any day of intercollegiate competition).

So, with no "better" (bigger-name) teams or game for competition, the whole world was glued to the Tops vs. the Bulls. And twitter did not disappoint.

CBS Sports' Robby Kalland started the day off on a pretty high bar

And, if you can believe it, the quality of the tweets never really decreased.

Well done, Robby. But, he wasn't done, and towards the end of the first half/beginning of the second, folks followed.

During halftime, ESPN ran a "come to WKU!" academic promo commercial, which shows Big Red eating one of the talking heads. SBNation's Rodger Sherman saw it, and joined in on the fun.

OH YEAH I didn't even mention the official @SBNationCFB account, who did a heckuva job on their own.

High fives to everyone for the wonderful work they did. I'm sure I missed a few (possibly hundred) great Big Red tweets from yesterday, so if I did and you want to share, put it in a comment. Spread the omnomnomnomnom love.

Except for this. Please never let this see the light of day again. If Big Red starred in The Human Centipede