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Twitter Has Fun With WKU/Marshall Build Up

Marshall had a bye week while WKU also had a bye weeI mean the Hilltoppers demolished FIU in a weather-shortened 63-7 win. It's officially game week, but the hype has been all too real for a couple of weeks now.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

File this under "Things You May Have Missed Last Week." It all started in the aftermath of Marshall's 52-0 win over the Golden Panthers two weeks ago. The joy of the blowout victory didn't last long for Marshall fans, as they knew what was ahead of them following the bye - a chance at redemption against the Hilltoppers after last year's thrilling and zany post-Thanksgiving matchup.

But, how in the world does one occupy themselves for nearly two weeks in trying to keep excited for a game you've already kind of been waiting for for a year? 20 years ago, this is a much bigger conundrum. But, in the modern era of twitter, there's always a way. If there is a will, that is.

And there certainly was a will. It started with this.

And, much like Brandon Doughty, you couldn't stop HerdFansINFO. Hell, you couldn't even contain him. He was a man on a mission.

Well, you get the point. And, you could probably imagine that Herd fans got in on the fun (with it being a Marshall fan account and all), but before long, WKU fans answered and joined in.

And, while most of it was all in good fun and frolic, some got pretty savage.

No chill, y'all. No chill at all. (Although, if anyone knows how to get a red toilet seat cover, I'll totally get one.)

So, there you go. Sure, it happened last week, but it's always fun to revel in the past. And, who knows, you might see more on your timeline as we lead up to Friday. Maybe you DID see these last week and was horribly confused. Well, fear not, because now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.