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Weather Unofficially Mercy Rules FIU As Western Kentucky Wins 63-7

WKU basketball scored 67 points earlier in the day, and the game was called with the Tops driving, so if the final five minutes are played, the football score might surpass that.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, its good to have Hilltopper football back. But, they were coming off a bye week, so naturally, you would think it would take a little bit for the Tops to get their game-legs back underneath them. Right?


Two plays into the contest, this happens.

That was two plays into the game. And it didn't slow down. Not one bit.

In total, the Hilltoppers beat FIU (who lost 52-0 to Marshall last week) 63-7. Here are some numbers from the beatdown:

  • Brandon Doughty: 16-21, 224 yards and three touchdowns. In the process, Doughty became a member of the 100-touchdown pass club. Congrats, Brandon! Do you get a jacket? Are there drinks? I hope so, cause you've earned it.
  • Ace Wales: 16 carries, 110 yards. Wales has logged five consecutive 100-yard rushing games against conference opponents.
  • D'Andre Ferby: 8 carries, 12 yards, three touchdowns.
  • Taywan Taylor: 3 catches, 100 yards, a touchdown.
  • Antwane Grant: 2 catches, 37 yards, touchdown. One rush, 59 yards, touchdown.
  • Wonderful Terry: 92 yard pick-six

If there's bad news for the Tops in a game like this, its that this impressive stat came to an end.

Yup. How sad, right? That streak ended with 14:13 to play in the game on an 18 yard touchdown scamper by Alex Gardner.

It was a rainy, disgusting day (from what the twitter dot com told me), and ultimately with about five minutes left in the fourth, the weather became too much and the game was called.

For WKU fans, this is exactly what you wanted to see in the final tune up before the Marshall game next week. Everything was firing on all cylinders, the defense allowed nothing against FIU (except that 18 yard touchdown), and they were dominant in horrible weather.

Now, the game the entire conference has waited for. Bring on the Herd.

P.s. With the FIU win, WKU has won 10 straight Conference USA games. After Michigan State defeated Ohio State, the Hilltoppers have the longest conference winning streak in the nation. So, yeah. Go Tops.