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Five Questions With And The Valley Shook's Billy Gomila

Billy Gomila, the site manager for And The Valley Shook - the Louisiana State University blog on this fine SBNation - was kind enough to speak kindly enough about the Hilltoppers in advance of Saturday's clash in Baton Rouge.

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Fletcher Keel: So, we all know about Leonard Fournette and how dominant he is. If, by some miracle WKU has a game plan to take him out of the equation, who would be the next player (or players) to step up for LSU?

Billy Gomila: Probably quarterback Brandon Harris, who is finding his stride with his receivers at the right time. Harris has been pretty steady all year, but it's taken some time for a young WR corps to kind of find its own level, and things are starting to click. IF WKU could do what nobody has done yet, I can imagine they'd have to give LSU some easy throws outside.

FK: Whenever WKU plays a big-name school, it's always a weird dichotomy. It seems like it isn't your normal P5 vs. G5 matchup, and the Hilltoppers draw more attention than usual. Whats the sense around LSU's fanbase, and maybe even your writing staff?

BG: I'm very aware of how good this team is right now. Doughty's numbers are eye-catching, and I caught a couple of WKU games last season. We've all been a little concerned about LSU's secondary as well, so I think that has our attention. So far, LSU's players seem to be as well, especially after Memphis beating Ole Miss last weekend. We'll see if that holds up.

FK: The Tigers are coming off a really good game against Florida. What are the odds that victory took a ton of emotion out of the Tigers and they half show up on Saturday?

BG: It's definitely a possibility, especially with an open date next weekend before the Alabama game. But so far, based on what we've seen and heard, this team has LSU's attention. I just hope that includes focus on what it is they need to accomplish and improve on.

FK: LSU is 4th in the nation in rushing (cause Fournette) but is 121st in passing, averaging just 135 yards a game. Is that discrepancy because the Tigers have the nation's top running back or are there some serious concerns that the Hilltoppers can look to exploit?

BG: Its been mostly about Fournette. Brandon Harris has been efficient for the most part, and at times LSU just hasn't put the ball in the air much. But that seems to be growing at enough of a rate to be ready for the finishing kick in November.

FK: ...any chance in hell you see the Hilltoppers doing the unthinkable in Red Stick come Saturday night?

BG: I don't think so, but WKU is definitely more than just a "mid-major team." They're a fringe top-25 team with a strong quarterback that I fully expect to put up yards on the Tigers. But I just can't see them stopping LSU's running game, and I think that carries the evening.