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C-USA football coaches dgaf about Star Wars

Their respones are truly hilarious

Matakevich Takes Home Bednarik

Another award to tack onto an already historic season for the Owls.

C-USA Championship Hype Video: WKU Hilltoppers

If this doesn't get you hyped for Saturday against Southern Miss, I don't know what will.

C-USA Championship: Southern Miss Hype Video!

If this doesn't get you stoked for Saturday, I don't know what will.

ICYMI, Here's CUSA's best plays from Week 11

Marshall put on a show

ICYMI, AAC's Best from Week 11

I think you all know who number one is.

CUSA Week Nine Top Plays

The best moments should be relived forever and ever on Youtube.

AAC Week Nine Top Plays

The best moments should be relived forever and ever on Youtube.

Featured Fanshot

That insipid Brad Paisley college football song is a P5 meat market

Group of Five programs didn't rate a mention in Brad Paisley's college football diddy, which was described by one person as "a great song about the blue collar nature of the richest 64 schools who want to exclude anyone not in their club." You can check the lyrics here to see if your school is excluded. (HINT: It is)

Food Challenges, But Does Challenger Win?

You cannot fully appreciate any food challenge until you attempt it - nor can you appreciate just how good it feels to know you're done and won't have to do it again

Man Bites Burger, Burger Bites Back

Or how I somehow managed to survive my food challenge and live to tell about it.

Tigers Take Beach Bowl In 2OT

A quick look at the bowl-winning touchdown for the Tigers

"They Were Waiting For Us To Become Who We Became"

A few more interesting details creep forth about how UAB and its administration handled putting the shutters on the football program.

UAB Players Emotional Over Football "Numbers"

Nothing worse than being called a liar by an Iraq war veteran - and having him be right.

Bill Clark Not Confident In UAB's Future

Where do we go from here?

Even Hitler Has Marshall Figured Out

I figured there was something sinister behind it, but who knew it ran this deep?