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UTSA Lands LSU Grad Transfer Jordan Moore

Frank Wilson continues to land players into the eleventh hour. This time around, it's an SEC champion hurdler.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

First year head coach Frank Wilson is in full swing at UTSA as full-pad practices began Tuesday.  Yet, as he prepares for his first season, he continues to compete off the field by adding more pieces to the roster.

Wilson earned his pedigree as a recruiter and running backs coach at LSU.  Since coming to San Antonio, he has brought some of Baton Rouge along with him.

The latest is Jordan Moore, a track and field star and former TCU running back.  He was a four-star recruit at Martin Luther King High School in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, where he ranked as the 15th best safety in the country.  At TCU he was shifted around between special teams and running back before deciding to focus solely on hurdles.  Last year at LSU he boasted the second-best hurdle time in school history.

Moore, who is immediately eligible, will contend for a spot in the defensive secondary at safety.  It's likely we'll see him compete with Nate Gaines and provide the defensive side of the ball with some much needed speed.

Though he's got some rust to scrape off during the fall camp and likely through the first leg of the season, Moore should be able to see snaps in time for conference play.  He hasn't ran on turf since 2014.

Another name on a growing list of eligible transfers, Moore joins fellow Tigers-turned-Roadrunners Ronnie Feist and Jevonte Domond, who also has a four-star rank.

Wilson continues to demonstrate his ability as a recruiting maestro in his short time at UTSA.  The buzz around the program builds momentum with every pick up.  We'll see how quickly these transfers are able to gel on the field soon enough.

No word yet on when Moore will hit the field or how he'll play out, but one thing is for sure: a bird has landed.