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UTSA Quarterback Blake Bogenschutz Ends Football Career Due to Concussions

The promising young quarterback and leader will hang up his cleats after suffering a severe concussion last season.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

UTSA quarterback Blake Bogenschutz has taken the advice of his doctors by stepping away from the game of football.

The talented redshirt freshman suffered a hit to the helmet while diving for a loose ball against UTEP this season which caused him to become concussed. The effects lingered throughout the season, preventing Bogenschutz from participating in football activity for the remainder of the season.

Bogenschutz provided a moving statement to the media in an email through the UTSA SID office.

This has been one of the toughest situations, if not the toughest, that I have encountered over the course of my life. As much as I love football, I respect the doctors' decision to end my career. Despite my strong love and passion for the game, I have come to peace and realization that my health is more important than a game. I find peace in that I played every down with all of my heart and always left everything that I had out on the field.

Concussion are a serious deal in this day and age and I have learned that first-hand. My mind and heart are on good terms with walking away from it all knowing that it could've easily gotten worse.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me in chasing my dreams throughout the course of my football career. Football has taught me so much about life and I will forever be grateful for the lessons, friendships and memories that it brought to my life over the last eight years. I have faith that this is God's plan for me and I strongly believe that there are still better days ahead. I'll always be a Roadrunner and will continue to be here for my teammates as we strive to better ourselves as a team and family.

While this news is heart-breaking, Bogenschutz and his family should be commended for making the right decision. Blake is a very intelligent student with natural leadership qualities. He has an extremely promising career in front of him and will continue to see the same success he saw on the gridiron transfer over to his life in the classroom and workplace after football. Knowing what we know about the lingering, suppressed effects of brain damage and the threat of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, it would be foolish to throw away all of his future success in the pursuit of a game. We wish Blake all the best moving forward and know that his best days are still ahead of him.