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5 Most Important Players on Offense for UTSA in 2015

Roadrunner fans shouldn't be scared to see so many new faces on the field for the offense.

Jarveon Williams has to be a home run threat in the backfield for UTSA this fall.
Jarveon Williams has to be a home run threat in the backfield for UTSA this fall.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that UTSA's offense in 2015 will look nothing like it did in 2014. There are new faces at every position and the entire offensive system is changing to a faster paced no-huddle attack. While the offense is going to need new players to step up across the board, here are five guys I see as being critical to the Roadrunners' ability to put numbers on the scoreboard this fall.

1. Reed Darragh

The left tackle is the second most important position in football behind the quarterback and UTSA will be breaking in a new one this season. Starting a relatively inexperienced sophomore that weighs under 300 pounds should be a terrifying proposition but I'm confident Darragh will hold his own this season. A prep tight end, Darragh has incredibly quick feet which should lend well to leading pass rushers away from the pocket. I recently spoke with a former Roadrunner defensive end that lauded Darragh with praise unprompted, saying that he was the toughest blocker on the scout team as a 270 pound true freshman.

2. Blake Bogenschutz

Anyone surprised this guy made the list? Bogie has a position battle to win first, but assuming he does he'll need to become the maestro of UTSA's new up-tempo offense. A big part of Bogenschutz's challenge in 2015 won't be making the right read on options or attacking open passing lanes but rather mastering the timing of getting plays in from the sideline on the fly. If Bogie can get the tempo down he'll be a four year starter for the Roadrunners.

3. Jarveon Williams

UTSA lost its all time leader in rushing yards in David Glasco but Williams is set up to surpass Glasco's production thanks to his breakout speed. Williams may need to carry a heavy load in 2015 depending on the health of Jalen Rhodes and Corbin White. Williams has all the athleticism one could ask for in a running back but he'll need to master the nuances of the position. Williams has only been playing running back for three years so these small skills should become second nature for the local San Antonio product in 2015.

4. Juan Perez

I think it's a given that Perez is going to start in 2015, the question is where? If it were up to Perez or the coaching staff he would probably stick at center where his lack of size is less of an issue. While Perez is a natural center, there's a good chance he ends up at right tackle instead. UTSA actually has some good depth at center with Austin Pratt and William Cavanaugh which would allow Perez to slide out to right tackle if none of UTSA's other options at the position pan out. Perez did practice at right tackle during the spring due to an injury to his snapping hand so it wouldn't be a completely new position for the nimble lineman.

5. Kenny Bias

Don't listen to those decrying UTSA's lack of experience at wide receiver in 2015. The unit will be better than it has ever been. While the quarterbacks will have a lot of options out wide, the young receivers will need Bias to develop into a mature, senior leader. Bias has always had the talent to be a dominant receiver at the CUSA level but he has lacked maturity and attention to detail. Every report out of the program has labeled Bias as refocused and embracing a leadership role. The sky is the limit for Bias if he commits himself to being the best wide receiver he can be.