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Underdog Pawdcasts

Where we talk G5 football and only G5 football. This page is a breakdown for our episodes that have been dedicated to the AAC, C-USA and the Sun Belt.

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC Week 3 Recap + Week 4 Preview


Underdog Pawdcast: AAC Week 2 Recap + Week 3 Preview

It was a week of mixed results, but several AAC teams rebounded.

Underdog Pawdcast: C-USA Week 2 Recap + Week 3 Preview with Sam Doughton

A win at West Point for UTSA and a road upset for MTSU at Colorado State headlined the Conference’s achievements.

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Preview

The American Conference looks to rebound after a tough start to the season last week.

Underdog Pawdcast: C-USA Week 1 Recap, Week 2 Preview with Guests!

Two guest segments? What is this, an actual polished production?

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt Week 1 Recap + Week 2 Preview

The Fun Belt delivered on excitement in week one, can it keep that up for another week?

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC Week 1 Preview

Football season is here at last! Can you tell we’re excited?

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt Week 1 Preview

The Sun Belt season officially begins this weekend.

Underdog Pawdcast: C-USA Reviewing Week Zero and A Full Week One Slate

Let’s dive into the first full C-USA slate of 2022.

Underdog Pawdcast: C-USA 2022 Storylines and Revisiting Media Day

Enjoy this calculated dump of sound bites and things to watch in C-USA this year!

Underdog Pawdcast: C-USA Week 0 Preview with Adrian Broaddus

It’s finally time to kick off the G5 football season!

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt Breakout Players to Watch in 2022

The guys pick a few names who could be set for big performances this season.

Underdog Pawdcast: Will Healy is Ready For Week Zero

The Charlotte head coach once again joins the Underdog Pawdcast to discuss his team’s hopes for the season.

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC 2022 Season Preview - Temple and USF

Can these two programs generate a renewed sense of hope amongst fans?

Underdog Pawdcast: ESPN’s Jason Reid and The Rise of The Black Quarterback

Senior NFL Writer for ESPN and Andscape, Jason Reid’s new book examines several FCS and G5 greats’ massive contributions to the game.

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt 2022 West Preview

Do the Cajuns have a clear path to another division title?

Underdog Pawdcast: Florida Atlantic Head Coach Willie Taggart Joins the Show

Joe and Eric are joined by FAU HC Willie Taggart as the Owls’ head man talks about his team entering 2022, his go-to pregame songs and the state of college football.

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC 2022 Season Preview - Tulane, Tulsa, and UCF

Do we have some dark horses in the AAC this year?

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt 2022 East Preview

In one of the most competitive divisions in all of college football, who will rise to the top?

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC 2022 Season Preview - Memphis, Navy, and SMU

Dan and Emily dive into three more contenders for the AAC crown.

Underdog Pawdcast: CFB Potpourri, Together In Dallas

The UDD crew was together in-person last week in Texas having some fun with a few different college football topics.

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt Media Days 2022

Catch up on the main storylines from Sun Belt Media Days with the new Pawdcast lineup.

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC 2022 Season Preview - Cincinnati, ECU, and Houston

The crew dives into three teams projected to lead the way in the AAC.

Underdog Pawdcast: Georgia Southern HC Clay Helton Joins The Show

Changes are happening at Georgia Southern football, but Clay Helton’s players and staff seem ready to make progress.

Underdog Dynasty: Matthew Bartlett of At The Roost Joins the Show

A great authority on C-USA football guest hosts.

Underdog Pawdcast: FIU Receiver Tyrese Chambers Joins The Show

The Baltimore native discusses his productive college career to date.

Underdog Pawdcast: AAC June News and Conference Exit Reactions

A new era for the league begins with the 2023 season.

Underdog Pawdcast: Chris Vannini of The Athletic Returns To Talk G5

What to watch for outside the P5 in 2022 and 2023?

Underdog Pawdcast: Western Kentucky Head Coach Tyson Helton Joins The Show

WKU Head Coach Tyson Helton joins the show to talk about how his club looks to follow-up 2021’s nine-win season.

Underdog Pawdcast: FAU Talk with Kevin Fielder

Do the Owls have the pieces to bounce back this season?

Underdog Pawdcast: Jeff Scott, Mike Houston, and The Best Week One AAC Game

What can we expect in the opening week of the AAC season?

Underdog Pawdcast: Sun Belt Q&A

2022 will be a new year for the Sun Belt. Our team gives their insights.