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UL Lafayette's 2016 Season Preview

UL Lafayette's football season doesn't start for over 100 days, but today we allow ourselves to get excited about Ragin' Cajun football.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is in full swing and we're under four months away from the Ragin' Cajuns stepping onto the field on Sept. 3. The excitement is in the air! Can't you feel it??.... Well, the season is pretty far away, but it's never too early to get irresponsibly jacked up about games four, five, and six months away.

Why not allow yourself to get excited about at least a few of these games this early in May...

Get Hype! - Boise State

It's early May and if  you're not getting excited about this game five minutes ago then you're doing it wrong. Boise State will be coming to Cajun Field to start both of their seasons on Sept. 3 in a game that is the second half of the home and home that was started in 2014 when the Broncos won 34-9 on the blue turf.

The Broncos were originally thought of as the Cinderalla, but now they're known as the Goliath in college football at least in terms of the G5. It might be a stretch to think that the Ragin' Cajuns could become the next powerhouse in G5 football, but why not? To be the best you must beat the best and that is certainly what Boise State is in this day and age.

Summer Hype - McNeese State/Tulane

While McNeese State and Tulane aren't the biggest schools in the Southeast, there is plenty of in-state tradition and rivalry to be had. Months ago I discussed the Cajun Crown rivalry, showing how great it is to have it back. McNeese State has been a very good FCS team in recent seasons and with this game coming in week two the Ragin' Cajuns and their fans better not be asleep at the wheel for this one.

Tulane welcomes the 2016 season with a new head coach and is only three years out since a close loss in the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl to these Ragin' Cajuns. With Willie Fritz as the head coach, Coach Hudspeth needs to let the state of Louisiana know that this state's best G5 team is still located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Shoot for the Moon - University of Georgia

This matchup for UL Lafayette is of the perfect kind. The fans and team realistically know it's going to be hard to take down one of the best teams in the SEC and that's ok. Head into Athens and prepare yourself for one heck of a party and shoot for the moon. With nothing to lose, the Ragin' Cajuns should play fast, physical, and very loose.

Battle on the Bayou - UL Monroe

The Battle on the Bayou on paper hasn't been too exciting in recent years and it's been shown by UL Lafayette's 6-1 record against ULM over the last seven seasons. But look again and even though ULM seems to be heading in the wrong direction, each of those seven games have been decided by single digit points. With this rivalry game coming at the very end of the season, it could very well be the game that gets the team bowl eligible. Cue the TNT music, because this game knows drama.

Marquee Fun Belt Football - App State/Georgia Southern/Arkansas State

Matchups against these three teams are going to directly determine if the Ragin' Cajuns can win the Sun Belt once again. To get back on top of the standings, the boys from Cajun country are going to have to win at least two. App State, Georgia Southern, and Arkansas State are the marquee matchups in the conference that the team and its fans look forward to once the season begins.

Save Your Abitas- South Alabama/Texas State/Idaho/NMSU

It's hard to get too hype about these four games heading into the season. With two of the teams being voted out of the Sun Belt (Idaho and NMSU) and the South Alabama/Texas State games having no real importance to either team, these are the games that you wait the week before to start analyzing and looking forward to.