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Tulane has a new logo. His name is Wave Chappelle. Everyone loves him

You know you want some Wave Chappelle.

Tulane Athletic Director Troy Dannen was hired five months ago and since he has stepped foot in New Orleans he has made it his mission to transform Tulane football. After hiring Willie Fritz as the new head coach, Dannen's next goal was to bring back the beloved Angry Wave logo of years past.

Months later the deed has been done.

The new look has been met with praise from every corner of the interwebs.

Sister-site Every Day Should Be Saturday loved the Angry Wave logo so much that they decided name him Wave Chappelle. And that is what he shall be referred to from this point on.

The comments on this article are hilarious as Wave Chappelle is loved by many and hated by none.

Wave Chappelle2

Wave Chappelle3

Wave Chappelle4

Wave Chappelle5

Wave Chappelle will definitely be a household name on Saturdays this Fall and Tulane football will be that much more exciting to watch because of it. Big Red has been the undisputed mascot of G5 football over the past few years but that may change now that Wave Chappelle is in the picture.

Unfortunately, Wave Chappelle is set to make only one appearance this year as Tulane plans on using the Wave Chappelle helmet in the season opener against Wake Forest with no other official appearance in the works for this season. One can only hope that Tulane will showcase Wave Chappelle full time as the masses all need to know about the fighting body of water that is Wave Chappelle.