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Texas State Hires Everett Withers, and Twitter Loves It

The Internet agrees, Bobcats got the right guy.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas State Bobcats will not be moving into 2016 with a withering Dennis Franchione that we still can't believe once gave Alabama the stiff arm. Instead, the new coach will be Everett Withers.

Who is Withers? Until today he was the coach at FCS power James Madison, before that a co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State and before that a sort of extended interim head coach at North Carolina who only lasted for one 7-6 season.

He's a surprising hire, especially with #TXST being known for an athletic department that is... lacking. Withers has 27 years of experience in the NFL and NCAA, and led James Madison to the No. 5 seed in this year's playoffs.

In other words, the hire looks -- really good.

Not that I would know. For that, we turn to you, Twitter, for analysis. Fresh off being named Auburn's defensive coordinator, Twitter will not be silenced. Hell, it's even about to do away with that 140-character nonsense.

To the taeks.

But not everyone is happy.

Most of those folks appear to be JMU fans understandably upset about his leaving. Or maybe they're UTSA fans or something. Either way, it looks like Texas State could be set for a resurgence under its new coach.