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Texas State CB Craig Mager Picked 83rd by San Diego

The (somewhat) raw yet physical cornerback is the fifth highest draft pick in Texas State history.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the run on cornerbacks in the 2015 NFL Draft, it was only a matter of time before four year starter and star cornerback Craig Mager would get picked out of Texas State. However, few expected him to go this early.

Despite cornerback not being an immediate position of need and Mager still being a bit of a raw prospect, the Chargers were apparently sold on his solid combine and Pro Day performances and appear to think that his sheer coachability could someday pay off on the gridiron.

Mager may be a bit undersized for a safety, which is a position many scouts would prefer to move him to, but his ability to hit hard and stick his tackles will serve Craig well in run support. His closing ability and skills at breaking up passes will also be an asset.

He'll need to work on his ability to cover long distances and avoid focusing his eyes too much in the backfield on play action and option-pass plays before seeing the field consistently, but he could ultimately end up being an asset on the field for the Chargers' secondary.

Mager joins LB Joplo Bartu and CB Darryl Morris as Texas State products in the NFL, but his third round pick is easily the highest for Texas State since Bobby Watkins was selected in the 2nd round in 1982.

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