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Texas State football is not in a good place under the leadership of Larry Teis

Athletic Director Larry Teis gave an interview trying to calm down the fire and flames of a Bobcat uprising and ended up stoking the flames even more.

NCAA Football: Texas State at Colorado Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Recently Texas State football has been in an uproar (even more than usual) and a barrage of outrage on Twitter and message boards over the condition of the Texas State football program and more importantly, the job athletic director Larry Teis has done over the past 14 years.

The Bobcats have struggled over the last six seasons including 6-6 and 7-5 bowl eligible seasons in which no invite was extended to Texas State, a 3-9 2015 which ended with former coach Dennis Franchione’s unceremonious exit and a 5-24 record under Everett Withers in his third year.

Besides holding a lackluster record at State, Withers has faced backlash for his criticism of past players and his treatment of the media.

The team is over 100 years old and still the football program has been progressing like a I-AA team. Meanwhile teams that have transitioned to the FBS (or I-A play) in the past decade and a half have flourished, including rival UTSA who has had a program since only 2011.

The social media spillage apparently leaked in the ear hole of Larry Teis and he was seen in a rare appearance patrolling the sideline last Saturday ala Al Davis. Before the whistle signaled the end of the game Teis exited the stadium with the stealth and subterfuge of a shin-obi.

Hashtags including #CutTiesWithTeis and #FireTeis have been rampant on Twitter and even a fan who brought a “Fire Teis” sign was seen at last Saturday’s game and was escorted out on the grounds of, well, there really isn’t a rule against signage like that.

A crowdfunded banner with “Fire Teis” will also fly over the tailgate at the homecoming game on October 27th. Those funds were pulled in within one day’s time. The “Cut Ties With Teis” campaign which launched earlier this week will make it’s debut this Thursday night with the urge that fans come to the stadium wearing neck ties cut in half.

There are a few different points of view on the Larry Teis saga

  1. Bobcat fans who are tired of the lack of success and the lack of any momentum made by the AD in terms of pushing the football program or giving one shred of interest in how much the hard working student-athletes are busting their asses.
  2. A small amount of Bobcat fans who think nothing is wrong and the program is where it should be and FBS transitioning is still in effect.
  3. People on the outside of Texas State football who are shocked on how well connected with resources the program have at their disposal but continue to flounder and draw students, alumni and fans in minimal quantity, the driving away of donating alumni and how nothing has changed in 15 years sans the FBS transition to a program filled with promise.

Our friends at the Texas State radio station KTSW were able to procure an interview with Larry Teis and the Texas State president Denise Trauth and a few of the questions were posted on Twitter. So what did Trauth and Teis have to say? Let’s dive in.

  • KTSW asked Teis about justifying the success of football and men’s basketball.

Teis: “Two years ago, we did have a really good Men’s Basketball season. We slipped up some last year. And believe me, I’m trying every formula possible because if you look at the last 100 years we’ve had these issues. Since ‘81 ‘82 National Championship, I think we’ve only won two conference championships.”

Because as we all know, we are still rebuilding from the Jim Wacker led teams of 1981 & 1982. Also if you put 100 years of Bobcat football into perspective along with the FBS move there has been no progress, not just competition wise but in the overall perspective of the program.

There are no long standing traditions (aside from the band and the wonderful Strutters), no hype in terms of commercials or billboards (outside of San Marcos), a way overdue blowout celebration of the championship teams of Jim Wacker, and instead of carving our own path of football tradition, there are students on campus who don’t know when home games are. On top of that most restaurants and bars around San Marcos don’t bother carrying games.

  • KTSW asked both Teis and Trauth where they thought the football team would be at this point in the Everett Withers’ era.

Teis: “We’re getting better, we’re just not winning and that’s the problem. Three years ago we lost to (ULL) by 24, two years ago 17, this year 15. Last year we lost to UTSA 30 this year we lost by 4 with a Freshman Quarterback. So we’re making a little bit of progress but I would prefer to win those games, and that what we need to continue to get better but win those games.”

Oh that justifies all the losses. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. You can crunch or smash numbers until you can find some sort of Nostradamus-style prediction that can satisfy yourself to determine when Texas State can win that stupid HEB trophy. I can’t wait until we defeat the Roadrunners by 2.45 points in 2024.

  • When asked about the unrest of alumni and fans:

Trauth: “We are very aware. We are...I personally am just as disappointed as our fans are of our win-loss record in football this year... I don’t want to be One-and-Four and I hate it for everybody. I hate it for the coaches. I hate it for the student-athletes in football. I hate it for everyone in the department.”

If these sentiments are from the heart of Teis and Trauth then we all agree on something. The point of this post is just the tip of the iceberg from one blogger among the few but passionate fans.

There are many writers who cover Texas State - and not just TXST football either - and they do a damn good job at it and it’s a wonder that anybody wants to cover the Bobcats. I don’t do it for any money, for a resume booster or to further any career in journalism. I do it for the pure ability to be able to put forth just one more source of Texas State football online because honestly we need all the coverage we can get.

As long as Larry Teis is in charge don’t expect the football program to get any better.