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New Mexico State starts shaky, shores up D in second half to win 45-35 over Texas State

A tale of two halves led to the Aggies fourth win of the season

Arkansas State v Georgia Southern Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

For just the second time in the last nine years, the New Mexico State Aggies have four wins in a single football season!

It didn’t come easy as the Aggies played sloppily and were kind of dominated in the first half. It only took Texas State 2:31 to score to start the game, a drive that made NMSU’s defense look like they did last year. Overall, the Bobcats were able to generate 563 yards of offense, constantly pulling off big plays.

Thankfully, Tyler Rogers and Jaleel Scott did enough to keep the Aggies in the game. Rogers would throw and run for a touchdown to keep NMSU only down 21-17 at half.

The game felt much more out of hand as the Bobcats would run the same play two or three times in a row and get a first down every play. They also killed us with the RPO (run pass option), having wide open running lanes.

Tyler King was the biggest pain in the first half, finishing the game with 11 receptions for 129 yards and a touchdown.

After halftime it was a different story. NM State opened the scoring via a 29 yard Rogers pass to Anthony Muse to put the Aggies up 24-21.

Arkansas State v Georgia Southern
Anthony Muse pulled in his first touchdown of the season to help the Aggies get their 4th win of the season!
Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

After two straight series’ ending in a punt, Texas State would have a pass tipped at the line of scrimmage which was intercepted by Dalton Herrington. The Aggies would march down the field where Nick Jeanty would come in to throw a 22 yard TD pass to Jaleel Scott! (Rogers hit his head on the turf and was put in concussion protocol but would only miss one series).

Both teams would exchange TD drives but the damage was already done. The interception, one of Texas State’s four turnovers, proved to be the key as NMSU would hold the lead the rest of the way.

New Mexico State’s defense played much better through the second half, adjusting well to the Bobcat offense. Fans saw the D force Texas State to punt four times and turn the ball over three times in the second half, compared to one turnover and three punts in the first half.

Big Games

Tyler Rogers had a career night, throwing for 474 yards (career high) and three touchdowns while also rushing for his team high seventh rushing TD.

Johnathan Boone joined Anthony Muse in pulling in his first receiving TD catch of the season.

Jaleel Scott posted his third 100 yard receiving game of the season (he had 130 plus a touchdown), pulling down many big catches.

Cedric Wilcots II had four sacks and three forced fumbles(!!!) earning himself the unofficial Underdog Dynasty Defensive Player of the Week Award.

New Mexico State v Arkansas
Cedric Wilcots II had a monster game in the 45-35 win over the Bobcats!
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images