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The Red Wolves and the Razorbacks: Summer Bros

It's as if the Montagues and the Capulets put down their rapiers and agreed to host a summer football camp.

Bret Bielema is teaming up with Blake Anderson for a sumer blockbuster.
Bret Bielema is teaming up with Blake Anderson for a sumer blockbuster.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Wolves and the Razorbacks do not share gridirons. Or hard courts. Or baseball diamonds. They won't even share a sand trap, discus circle or a bottle of Coke. It's so decreed by the infamous unwritten "Policy" that hereby states that the University of Arkansas Athletic Department will not engage any in-state athletic programs (or there will be volcanoes).

But on June 5th, the charismatic head coaches of both football programs agreed to host a summer football camp together at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

"To me, it just makes sense. It's good for the state of Arkansas," said Coach Blake Anderson, according to an explosive article in Whole Hog Sports.

Tell me if you've heard this one: Blake Anderson, Bret Bielema (UofA) and Todd Knight (Ouachita Baptist) are hanging out in Phoenix for an American Football Coaches Association board of trustees meeting when somebody says, "All this needless fighting and not playing and pretending the other doesn't exist is destructive and stupid so let's camp!" Or something like that. Who knows? We do know that Bielema was down.

"I just thought if there's something that we can do to promote the state of Arkansas and promote football and promote Little Rock and War Memorial and the history, why not do this?" Bielema said. "So we'll jump into it with them."

Nobody is accusing Coach Anderson and Coach Bielema of being buds, but they are two wild-and-crazy guys who don't hail from the Natural State. Maybe they just don't see what the big fuss is about.

"We just said, 'Man, why don't we hook up and do this?'" Anderson said, according to Whole Hog Sports. "We'll invite every college in the state and have one camp there, and any kid that thinks he might want to play in the state of Arkansas needs to show up."

Man, why don't we hook up? There's a lot of college math and quantum physics involved, but a layman's reading of The Policy reveals it has something to do with the University of Arkansas' altruistic sacrifice of eliminating devastating in-state rivalries so "Arkansans can be fans of all state teams." Aw, that's really nice of the UofA.

Somehow, reaction from the universe seems mostly positive. Or mildly befuddled.

Top minds are still weighing in on the legality, but the camp is scheduled to happen June 5th. Is this the beginning of The Policy's end? We can only shrug. There's a lot of good stuff in that Whole Hog Sports article, so you should just go ahead and read it.