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Elijah McGuire's Tweeting Habits Discussed

With college basketball officially over, Elijah McGuire has taken to Twitter with all of his free time.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

When talking about college football and dissecting why certain things happened, I always fall back on the saying that "you can never trust an 18-22 year old." It really rings true if you think about it.

Think back to those college days when you had to worry about your clingy girlfriend or that class you never went to but have a final in the next day. It's those kinds of things that can distract you from your job.

It's the offseason, so I have nothing better to do than follow many different players and coaches on Twitter. Trust me, I really don't. One that has really caught my attention lately is Elijah McGuire. And by the end of this article, I guarantee you'll consider following him too.

Elijah is a very outspoken individual who hasn't really posted anything worth gasping over, but has truly entertained all who follow him. Let's break down his tweets over the last few days to show you what I mean.

We all know Elijah's talent on the football field and would laugh at the fact that he'd not pursue an almost guaranteed pick in the NFL Draft, but here he is contemplating two more seasons of college basketball. No, this was not tweeted on April Fool's Day. Elijah averaged 3.7 minutes, .6 points, .8 rebounds, and .2 assists per game this past season by the way.

By the looks of it though, it seems he's motivated and looking to finish his career at UL Lafayette on a strong note...

It's not all work on Twitter for him, he's always keeping us guessing with the random tweets about ham...

For the record, I too want Honey Baked Ham right now. Elijah's mind might just be distracted from the thought of missing out on great food in Charleston, which is apparent in a tweet from earlier that day...

Without a major FBS program in Charleston, South Carolina, I must assume he's talking about a missed trip to the land of heavenly seafood.

It's undoubtedly been a slow offseason, but thankfully we have entertainment like this to help us get through these tough months.