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Bowl conclusions: Sun Belt transforms to Fun Belt

Fun Belt ain't going nowhere

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the regular season the Sun Belt Conference was transforming into the Fun Belt Conference as conference games featured a ton of points and bizarre outcomes.

Often the forgotten conference in the G5, bowl season is usually the only time the Sun Belt Conference is able to have a national audience and this bowl season was a perfect showcase for the Sun Belt Conference to complete its transformation to the Fun Belt.

Sun Belt: 2-2

Best Win: Appalachian State over Ohio

Biggest Disappointment: Georgia State

Stock Market: Rising

Appalachian State coming back to defeat Ohio with a game-winning field goal is one of the lasting images this bowl season. Georgia Southern running roughshod over Bowling Green was also great for the league as both teams won their first ever bowl game on their first try.

Having conference champ Arkansas State going down against Louisiana Tech is nothing to be ashamed of. Georgia State losing to 5-7 San Jose State from a bad Mountain West conference however is.

But with the league looking for Appalachian State and Georgia Southern to be the flagship schools for the conference going forward it was great to have both schools finish on high notes on a big stage.

As is the case with most G5 schools, continuity in the coaching staff is just as important as the talent on the field. With Georgia Southern having to replace Willie Fritz with Tyson Summers, the Eagles may take a step back next year.

But the Sun Belt should be just as fine being the Fun Belt with Arkansas State and Appalachian State retaining their head coaches after successful years.