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Which College Football Playoff Team Is Your Sun Belt Team? Louisiana Is The OregoBama State University

What do you get when you take one part Duck, one part Seminole, one part Buckeye and one part Tide? A Ragin' Cajun, isn't it obvious? Well it should be.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

When trying to figure out which 2014 College Football Playoff team Louisiana best resembles, my first thought was Ohio State. Then, I thought well perhaps Florida State is a better fit. As I pondered on FSU for a bit longer, I realized that the Cajuns had some Bama and Oregon in them too. Let me explain.

Louisiana is tOSU

When the Buckeyes hoisted the first ever College Football Playoff trophy, much of their success was due to a dynamic running back who wears 15. Who else has a dynamic play maker that can run you over or juke you out of your shoes? The Cajuns do, and his name is Elijah McGuire. The 2014 Sun Belt Player of the Year, who rushed for over 1200 yards, caught 45 passes for 468 yards and scored 17 touchdowns, also wears 15 on his jersey.

The Cajuns are Florida State

As 2014 came to a close, both the Cajuns and Seminoles said farewell to two of the best quarterbacks either of the programs have ever know. Terrance Broadway was under center for three of Louisiana's four New Orleans Bowl trips, taking home two NOLA Bowl MVPs in the process. Meanwhile, all Jameis Winston did for FSU is guide the Noles to a National Championship, win a Heisman Trophy and enjoy crab legs. Okay, maybe the last part didn't really help Florida State, but it did lead to great internet memes.

I see your Nick Saban and raise you a Mark Hudspeth

Nick Saban, perhaps the most feared coach in all of college football, owns an impressive 79-15 record on the field at Bama. (Some wins from 2007 were taken away by the big bad NCAA). That's impressive, but what often gets overlooked with Saban is that the man has turned around every college program he's taken over. He took a 6-5 Toledo program and won nine games, and a 5-6 Michigan State team and won six in his first season. Before he would leave MSU in 1999, he led the Spartans to a 9-2 record. When he arrived in Baton Rouge, the Tigers had won three games in 1998 and all Saban did was lead LSU to an 8-4 record, including a Peach Bowl win. In his final turnaround project, Saban took an Alabama squad that went 6-7 on the field and won seven games in his first season.

So how do Saban and Louisiana coach Mark Hudspeth relate?

When Hudspeth took over at North Alabama in 2002, he inherited a team that won just four games 2001. After winning four games in Hud's first year, the Lions went 13-1 in 2003 under Hudspeth guidance. And all he's done at Louisiana is win: Hud has led the team to four straight bowl victories and a conference title since 2011. Both of these coaches have a track record of taking struggling programs and making them winners. Don't agree? Take it up with Hud, I bet he can bench you 25 times too.

Cajuns and Ducks Hunting Together

Quack I mean quick, name the only two programs in the country to play in and win four straight bowl games. That's right, only Louisiana and Oregon can make that claim. The Ducks have won the Rose Bowl twice, the Fiesta once and the Alamo Bowl, while Louisiana has won four straight New Orleans Bowls. Take it away Jay Walker...

The evidence is in and the jury has reached a verdict. Louisiana is The OregoBama State University.

What do you think, Cajuns fans? Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments and by voting in our poll. And please read the rest of the series here.