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The Sun Belt Championship Preseason Odds

You want the honest truth about your team's chances of winning the Sun Belt this year? Fine, but it won't make you any happier.


Earlier this week I posted an article about the milestones the Ragin' Cajuns would be chasing this year. When writing it, I decided that merely discussing these milestones would feel incomplete. To remedy this, I would come up with wildly inaccurate numbers to illustrate my perceived likelihood of each happening. I was quickly called out on my bull.

Well, you all were right. I'm not sure if it was a lack of effort, or just a fundamental misunderstanding that college football things on the internet should always be taken seriously. No matter the reason, I apologize.

But an apology is not nearly enough. I must correct this misdeed, and represent the facts. Thankfully, the fine folks at 5Dimes make this easy by posting their odds for each team to win the Sun Belt championship this year. For those of you not familiar with crippling gambling addiction, I've converted their moneylines to percentages. (and also to fractions because math) I've also added my own comments because they let me write whatever I want. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong/misguided/a homer in the comment section below, because you are also free to write whatever you want. AMERICA.

UL Lafayette - 60% (2/3) Ok. So it isn't 94%, but the Cajuns are still the overwhelming favorite to win the conference.

South Alabama - 25% (4/1) Shockingly low. I think the Jags are one Cajun injury from at least splitting the crown.

Arkansas State - 15.38 % (11/2) Do yourself a favor. Skip McDonalds and make a sandwich tomorrow, then put that money you would have used on A-State. They come out on top more than not.

ULM - 13.33 % (13/2) If they can establish a QB early, this number will rise. Not by much though.

Troy - 7.69 % (12/1) With odds like this it's no surprise Blakeny is feeling the heat.

Texas State - 3.23 % (30/1) Honestly, this could have been worse.

Georgia Southern/Georgia State - 1.96 % (50/1) Even the oddsmakers can't tell these two apart.

Idaho - 1.49 % (66/1) This would be higher if they played all their games at the Kibbie Dome.

Appalachian State - 1% (100/1) Surprising when you consider their pedigree. Not surprising when you consider their roster.

New Mexico State - 0.79% (125/1) It is literally more likely that your house will be destroyed by a monsoon this year than NMSU winning the Sun Belt. Spend your money on flood insurance instead.