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LA Tech Spring Game: Offense Wins the Day

Most of the time, spring football is dominated by the defense while the offense typically has new players trying to learn the offense. On Saturday in Ruston, the offenses for both the Blue team and the White team came to play.

Skip Holtz had to have liked what he saw in LA Tech's Spring Game.
Skip Holtz had to have liked what he saw in LA Tech's Spring Game.
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Jeff Driskel got off to a hot start, throwing 228 yards and three touchdowns in the first half. Grant Childress and Marlon Watts each had over 50 yards and a score at the midway point. Conner Smith led the Blue Team with 67 first half receiving yards while Sanford Seay caught the third touchdown pass.

Trent Taylor, Carlos Henderson, and Jarred Craft led the way for the White Team early on, while both quarterbacks were efficient. Ryan Higgins was 10-14 for 105 yards while Price Wilson was 8-11 for 106 yards. Craft and. Boston Scott each had rushing touchdowns in the first half for the White Team.

In the second half, Wilson threw a 75 yard bomb to Sanford Seay for a touchdown, while. Ryan. Higgins threw a touchdown pass to Andy McAlindon. Jeff Driskel, on the other hand, was picked off by Secdrick Cooper and Adaraius Barnes. Xavier Woods dropped a would be interception that would have been Driskel's third of the half.

Driskel would recover on the game's final drive. Aided by Grant Childress, Tywun Walters, and Marcus Gaines; Driskel led the Blue Team down the field. A touchdown pass to Gaines and a two-point conversion pass to Seay wrapped it up for the Blue Team, who won 35-34.

Kenneth Dixon made his usual spring cameo appearance, making sure nothing catastrophic happened. Jared Craft had 17 carries for 75 yards and two scores while Blake Martin and Tywun Walters also ran well.

At receiver, Carlos Henderson and Trent Taylor had big games, but several guys stepped up and made plays. Sanford Seay, Marcus Gaines, Marlon Watts, Grant Childress, Conner Smith, and Kam McKnight all made their case for playing time in the fall.

At quarterback, Driskel looks the most polished despite the turnovers. He has a big arm and he really wasn't able to show off his wheels since he wasn't running in the spring game. Like Dixon, they didn't want him taking unnecessary hits. Still, the other quarterbacks aren't going to hand over the starting job. Higgins looked very smooth and Wilson showed off his cannon with the 75 yard pass to Seay.

On defense, Vernon Butler was his usual unblock able self and freshman end Jay Ferguson has been active all spring. Quanta Moore was in on a big hit at the goal line to save a touchdown, the freshman has a good chance to claim the backup middle linebacker spot.

The secondary was still the strong suit of the defense, with Barnes, Woods, and Cooper all making plays on the ball and Kentrell Brice bringing the big hits. Woods and Butler are NFL talents and the defense will look totally different when things go live and they are able to hit the quarterback.

In the meantime, Coach Holtz has a lot of positives to take away from the game regarding the offense. The special teams still have a long way to go and I'm sure they will be a focus all summer and definetely in fall camp. The Bulldogs look like a team ready to win the western division again, they just have to tie up some loose ends.