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Georgia Southern Dominates the Running Man Challenge

GS owns the latest internet craze.

The running man challenge has swept the country, and the Georgia Southern Eagles refuse to be left out.

Above, watch as the whole team chimes in on the fad, the first team I'm aware of to feature the song playing live instead of dubbed over.

If you aren't familiar, learn more about #RunningManChallenge here. Essentially, it's the act of college athletes filming themselves dancing to the 1996 Ghost Town DJs hit "My Boo." Sort of a cross between the Harlem Shake and the Plies dance "Ran Off On the Plug Twice."

The trend was started by a couple of Maryland basketball players, and has quickly engulfed the college sports fraternity. Teams including Oregon, UConn, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Michigan and now GS have joined in.

In this case, senior offensive lineman Andy Kwon leads the effort for the Eagles.