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Georgia Southern Phasing Out Old Athletic Logos

The Eagles take yet another step to separate themselves from Georgia State.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Despite wanting to be referred to as GS moving forward, the Georgia Southern Eagles are moving on from some of their older athletic logos in favor of newer ones that spell out the entire name of the school, rather than just the initials. From the athletics department:

The following logos should never be used as they are old. Please discard from your inventory:

Swooping Eagle with Georgia Southern in script below

The big GS with the Eagle head in the top right and tail feathers in the bottom left

Here is the first logo that the department is referring to:

And the second:

It is a bit surprising that Georgia Southern is no longer using the second logo, given its emphasis on using the GS initials. Personally, I have always been a fan of the logo with the swooping eagle, but it wasn't really ever used that much, so it is understandable that the school wants to move on from it.

For reference, here is the new logo for media use:

I like the new logo. The blue is darker, which is more in line with the navy-colored uniforms, and it makes it more difficult for ESPN3 announcers to screw up.

Perhaps GS Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein and company want to emphasize a new era of Georgia Southern football, while also keeping fans from outside the Underdog bubble from confusing the school with Georgia State.