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Georgia Southern Prohibits Use of "GSU"

The Eagles are trying to avoid the common mix-up with Georgia State.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

About a week ago, Georgia Southern University's athletic department sent out an email detailing a couple of minute changes with one of the Eagles' alternate logos, and added this nugget of information in as well:

Also, please note the following from a branding standpoint:

"The terms Georgia Southern University and Georgia Southern are University trademarks and their use should adhere to all standards of trademark use. Use of "GSU" is prohibited. Simply use "GS" on second reference if needed."

So it appears that athletic director Tom Kleinlein and company are as fed up with members of the media confusing the two schools as much as Eagle fans are, and the athletic department is doing everything they can to avoid the common error.

We may have come to the end of the "who is the real GSU?" debate, and what an asinine debate it was to begin with. I don't know if I share this opinion with many other  fans or not, but I couldn't care less what acronym the program uses, as long as the person doing play-by-play during games doesn't refer to the team as Georgia State, and the Eagles keep on winning football games. Few things are more disheartening than hearing announcers screw up the name of the school at pivotal points in the game.

One would think that winning a Sun Belt championship in 2014 and the program's first ever bowl victory would clear up that confusion for various media outlets, but here we are.