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Georgia Southern to Expand Paulson Stadium Club Seating Section

There will be a few more fans living the lifestyle in Statesboro next fall.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

When the Georgia Southern Eagles made the move to FBS in 2014 they expanded Paulson Stadium, adding an upper deck, football operations center and, for the first time, a club seating section.

Eagles fans had long enjoyed luxury boxes on the home side, but the new addition included open-air seats protected by the upper deck on the visitor's side. While they aren't cheap, requiring a $1,200 donation plus the cost of tickets, they come with perks like chairback seating, enormous TVs in plain view and free beer through the end of the third quarter.

Yes, free beer through the end of the third quarter.

The program has been a hit and will be expanded for the 2016 season.


Located in the North Concourse, the Club Level is a VIP seating area which used to just offer sections 105-109. The newly expanded level will now include all sections from 101-113. The covered sections are complete with stadium chair seating, wheelchair accessibility and complimentary beverages for of age patrons.

Bronze Level donors ($1,200+) and above are able to purchase Club Level season tickets for $210 each. Renew your season ticket or pre-order your Club Level tickets today (Renewals end Tuesday, March 15, 2016)!

This is a great move by the athletic department. Clearly there is demand for more of these seats, which bring in a lot of revenue for the school. Not only that, fans in these sections tend to be very enthusiastic, thanks in part to those complimentary beverages (which include the local Eagle Creek Brewery).

A less obvious benefit is club seats tend to be more spread out, which will help make the stadium look full for the lesser games on the schedule.

While I'm not baller enough to afford these seats, I've enjoyed the club level on occasion thanks to some rather generous friends. Let me tell you, a nice time is had by all. The view is great, you're shaded from the weather, there's a huge TV just a few feet away and there is free beer through the end of the third quarter.