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New Georgia Southern Football Anthem Drops in Time For the Final Home Game

Two Rappers Play for Georgia Southern, and They Want You at the #PaulsonParty

When you cruise into Paulson Stadium for the Georgia Southern game against Georgia State this Saturday, listen close. If you do, you'll hear the new Eagles football anthem "Paulson Party."

What's it sound like? Click below:

Not only is this a pretty cool song about Georgia Southern football, it's by two members of the team. The first is redshirt freshman offensive lineman Christian "C Will" Williams, and the second is junior safety Robert "Two5ive" Brice. Williams' stage name is obvious, and so is Brice's once you learn what number he wears for the Eagles.

The full version dropped Wednesday, but the song was teased in a #GATALifestyle video earlier in the week:

Since it's not every day someone both plays on the team and makes the hype music, we caught up with C Will to learn his inspiration for the song, how he balances rapping with being a student-athlete and what exactly a Paulson Party is.

HW: Not only are you a rapper, you are actually on the football team at Georgia Southern. How are you able to balance doing so much at once?

CW: Being both a student-athlete and rapper isn't as hard as people think, you just have to plan your time wisely, and put your all into both if you really love them. And I love them both.

HW: How did you get started rapping, what do you enjoy about it and where do you hope to go in your music career?

CW: I used to rap all the time in high school and I made a couple songs but I never really started until I got here at GSU. That is when I met Robert "Two5ive" Brice, the second rapper on the song. I hope to take my music career as far as the man above lets me take it, all I know is that I love making music and hope I can continue.

HW: Let's talk about the Paulson Party song. Where did you get the idea for it? What's your favorite thing about this song?

CW: After I came out with my second mixtape on Spinrilla (the biggest mixtape app in America) on Nov. 24, one of my teammates Andy Kwon told me I should make a song about GSU. So, Friday night before the South Alabama game I stayed up and I wrote it. Since we party and never lose in Paulson, I figured it was like a big party, especially considering we have the very BEST fans in America!

HW: The official GATALifestyle Twitter account included the song in a recent video clip. How did they find out about the song and decide to use it?

CW: Yes GATALifestyle is a blessing and I am thankful for that clip. They found out about it because me and Brice were so stoked about the song that we decided to tell the man behind GATALifestyle about it and he loved it.

HW: What exactly is a Paulson Party? Can we expect to hear the song in Paulson Stadium Saturday?

CW: Paulson party is simple, we win, we GATA, and our fans help us out on a show. You will definitely hear the song Saturday afternoon. It will be a Paulson Party!

HW: BONUS: Music or football, what's more fun?

CW: Football would have to be my love, it's my first love!


There you have it. You've got two days to learn this song so you can sing along. I'm assuming you already know how to Paulson Party.