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Georgia Southern Assistants Leave For Tulane

At least they left the Erk Russell statue, thank God.

McGee will be among those leaving for Tulane.
McGee will be among those leaving for Tulane.
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Thayer Evans of Sports Illustrated is reporting today that most of the coaching staff left behind from Willie Fritz's tenure with the Georgia Southern Eagles have accepted jobs at Tulane.

Most notable is former interim head coach Dell McGee, who many in Eagle Nation hoped would lead the offense under new head coach Tyson Summers. McGee recently led Georgia Southern to its first bowl victory in program history.

Good night sweet prince. Also leaving to join Fritz's staff are the now former offensive and defensive coordinators, Doug Ruse and Jack Curtis. Several position coaches have accepted the same roles they occupied for the Eagles as well.

Summers now has the opportunity to put together his own coaching staff, but vowed in his press conference earlier in the week that the offense would largely stay the same, while placing more emphasis on the passing game. The new ball coach is a defensive-minded one, so it remains to be seen who is brought in to run the offense for the Eagles.