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Georgia Southern Head Coach Tyson Summers Opening Press Conference: The Triple Option is Here to Stay

New boss knows how to win the press conference.

Tyson Summers said lots of things at his opening press conference, and none were more important than his statements on the Georgia Southern Eagles offense.

The triple option will stay, and it will be run out of the shotgun. Summers added that he does feel passing is important, but the basic identity will remain.

While the rest of us continue to eat Christmas leftovers and enjoy our new goodies, Summers, who was hired Dec. 20, said he will immediately hit the recruiting trail to try and keep current recruits and get new ones to the program.

Not that he's complaining: Summers called Georgia Southern his long-time dream job. That probably beats sipping out of a new Yeti.

Elsewhere, it became even more obvious that Summers really, really looks like a young Erk Russell. Does that mean anything? Not really, but it'll be fun to talk about.

As he also told the assembled crowd, what really matters to the fan base is the wins and losses, but a charming Georgia-born coach with a Southern accent doesn't hurt.

Other highlights included Summers saying his defense better look like "11 guys running to the ball angry." His contract is for four years and salary will increase based on success.

Let us know your thoughts on the new coach in the comments section. Hail Southern.