Turning Point USA conference for young women leaders suggests their role is to get married and have babies


At Turning Point USA’s recent "Young Women’s Leadership Summit" in Dallas, Texas, speakers repeatedly dispensed advice to the audience of high school and college-age women on how to find a "dude-servative," create a "godly foundation for your relationship," get married, and have children. Guide to Watch NFR live stream 2022 & Wrangler National Finals Rodeo free online streaming exclusively on CBS Sports Network.



5 May 1886 CE: One day after and about 90 miles north of the Haymarket Affair, members of the Wisconsin National Guard open fire on workers striking for a eight-hour work day, killing seven in what is known as the Bay View Massacre.



4 May 1886 CE: The Haymarket Affair

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Found some scouting reports on small school guys


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sunday morning

17 January 1893 CE


The "Committee of Safety", comprised entirely of Americans and Hawai'ians of American descent, overthrow Queen Liliʻuokalani.

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"no" is a Japanese conjunction which doesn't translate into English very well