11/30/1936 – English mathematician Alan Turing published details of the Turing machine, a basic abstract symbol-manipulating hypothetical device that can simulate the logic of any computer algorithm.


Tuesday AM

so any big news last night?

Monday After Dark

"no" is a Japanese conjunction which doesn't translate into English very well



To replace Gibbs, Oklahoma looked towards the seasoned Howard Schnellenberger, then 61 years old.[105] Schnellenberger had a well-established reputation for turning teams around. He had built Miami from an also-ran to a national champion in 1983, and turned around a once-moribund Louisville program. In the end, he was almost too sure of himself. He was quoted as saying, "They will write books and make movies about my time here."[100][106] His 1995 team started out well, reaching the top 10 after a 3–0 start. However, an embarrassing loss to Colorado on national television started a downward spiral. The Sooners ultimately finished 5–5–1,[107] including only their second losing conference record since World War II. Schnellenberger resigned a month after the season ended.[106] To this day, Schnellenberger is not held in high esteem by Sooner fans, in part because he made no secret of his lack of interest in the program's history.[106] For instance, he vowed to make "Sooner Nation" forget about Wilkinson and Switzer—a boast considered to be almost heretical by the fan base. He ordered numerous old files to be thrown out; instead, they were archived without his knowledge.[100]


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I see you out there Wolverines, Gophers, and Pokes. Go troll a bit. You've earned it.

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It has been a good day of football

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