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Erase This Game

Syracuse suspends Kiss Cam - no lovers in sight?

Why did the ACC school suspend the Kiss Cam? For a single open-letter editorial piece.

Don't Erase This Game: USF 14, SMU 13

On the field, this game was awful. Off the field, it was beautiful.

FIU Tried To Beat Bethune Cookman and Failed TWICE

Of course, we couldn't possibly write about just one.

Make The ODU/Citadel Game Go Away!

Yeah, numbers never lie. We wish they did.

Erase This... Play? Old Dominion v. UNC 2013

A little deviation to focus on a little bit of referee misconduct, if you will.

Erase This Game: South Alabama 9, Nicholls State 3

Where we investigate games that may have violated the Geneva Conventions against cruel and unusual punishment.

Erase This Game: Texas State vs. ULM 2013

BEWARE: Here there be bad football.