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10 Things More Likely to Happen Than Charlotte Joining the SEC

The 49ers program is certainly on the rise but they're far, far away from SEC consideration.

A Charlotte defender whiffs a tackle against an SEC opponent
A Charlotte defender whiffs a tackle against an SEC opponent
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

You may be surprised to hear that college football writers are discussing conference alignment during this college football offseason.

While there have been some mild rumblings surrounding the Big XII potentially, maybe considering adding two additional members, most of the articles making their way around the blogosphere are either really presumptuous or in the case of ESPN's Ryan McGee, just a fun diversion to fill the offseason content dearth.

McGee wrote an interesting article this week in which he bolstered each P5 conference into 16-member super conferences as part of a likely inevitable P5/G5 governance split. It's some fun conference realignment fan faction that mostly makes sense with one notable exception.

In his 16 member SEC stronghold McGee included.... Charlotte?

For those unfamiliar, Charlotte played their inaugural season in 2013 before joining Conference USA in 2014. The 49ers' stadium holds just over 15,000, a far cry from the voluminous expanses of Neyland Stadium and Tiger Stadium.

Charlotte has won just one contest against an FBS opponent, a thrilling Friday afternoon tussle against Georgia State in Atlanta to open the 2015 season.

I'm a big believer in Charlotte's program and think they are a very valuable asset to Conference USA but to suggest them as a potential SEC member is bonkers. Hell, we can't even get our publishing software to recognize them as an FBS member. To drive the point home, here are ten outlandish things that have a better chance of happening before Charlotte joins the SEC:

  1. A Georgia national championship
  2. Twitter adding an edit function
  3. Chicago Cubs World Series victory
  4. Donald Trump presidency
  5. Free guacamole at Chipotle
  6. Rage Against the Machine reunion
  7. Ole Miss football death penalty
  8. Self driving cars
  9. Federally legalized marijuana
  10. Half Life 3