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FAU's 2016 Schedule Leaks Before Official Release

Conference USA is set to release it's 2016 schedule for all of its teams later this afternoon. Except, we already know the slate for FAU. Oops.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the internet. Great for downloading free music and movies before the release dates, seeing new logos or uniforms and for...leaked schedules? Yes! Leaked schedules!

Yup, there you have it. The Owls slate for the upcoming season. Highlights include playing three of the first five games on the road, including back to back road games at Miami (FL) and Kansas St., with CUSA home games against Charlotte, WKU, UTEP and Old Dominion (not exactly a barn-berning matchup selection, no?).

But, the BEST part of all of this is where whatever service (is it Yahoo? ESPN? NO ONE KNOWS ITS PART OF THE FUN!) says that the Owls and Herd will play in Morgantown.

LOL MARSHALL. Yeah, that's going to stick in the craw of Herd fans for a little while. (If you happen to not know, Morgantown is where West Virginia - Marshall's biggest rival - is located.)

Seems kind of odd Marshall would want a "neutral" site game at the place of their biggest rivals.