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Conference USA football coaches don't care about latest Star Wars movie

Their respones are truly hilarious

Conference USA checked in with head coaches from around the conference to see how excited they are about watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What the conference was expecting was coaches frothing at the mouth in anticipation for the movie reciting stories about how they have followed the series since they were young.

Instead what they got is a majority of its coaches not giving a damn about the movie. Especially the football coaches who either never heard of the movie or didn't even answer with a complete sentence.

And because their responses are so meh, the video is hilarious.

First up we have Old Dominion head coach Bobby Wilder at the 33 second mark. Unlike his peers, Wilder is actually really excited about the movie.

Wilder is so excited about the movie that he does the famous Star Wars jingle at the 1:32 mark and gets extremely animated. Wilder cites his son's love for science-fiction as the biggest reason for why he will watch.

And everything else is downhill from here on as far as excitement.

Former UTSA head coach Larry Coker appears 44 seconds in and says straight up he's not a big Star Wars fan but that he'll probably go check it out.

I can definitely see Coker in line trying to catch the matinee not realizing that the showing conflicts with an in-house visit to a recruits home he scheduled weeks ago.

10 Seconds later we have FAU head coach Charlie Partridge saying he also isn't a big Star Wars fan but that his wife has the date circled on the calendar. Western Kentucky head coach Jeff Brohm follows that up with how he isn't a fan either but how his wife will probably drag him to go see it as well.

Shoutout to all the wives of football coaches who want to spend some quality time with their husbands in the movie theater watching Star Wars.

The video turns comical the rest of the way. Partridge with the most confused look on his face doesn't know if the series is going forwards or backwards. I'm right there with ya Charlie. As someone who doesn't follow the series that has always confused me too.

Charlotte head coach Brad Lambert makes a cameo at the 1:22 mark and is already grinning for whatever reason. He says he'll probably go see it with his boys.

But I know that look. The idea of going to see the movie probably never crossed his mind until they asked him the question. Shame on you Lambert for not thinking about taking your kids to go see Star Wars.

Rice head coach David Bailiff (1:39) has the funniest response as he doesn't even care enough to answer in a complete sentence. Like, I can't even understand what he is saying.

MTSU head coach Rick Stockstill (1:48), UTEP head coach Sean Kugler (1:58), and Southern Miss head coach Todd Monken (2:01) all give brief answers in their own way.

Stockstill just shakes his head with no words spoken. Kugler answers no with a stern look but then realized that this isn't a practice at Fall camp and lightened up by smiling. Monken answers no too, as he just wants to get back to resuming his morning jog.

Marshall head coach Doc Holliday (2:16) says he ain't a movie guy. Sure Holliday, like you didn't see 'We Are Marshall' over 100 times.

Louisiana Tech head coach Skip Hotlz says he has never seen any of the Star Wars movies. FIU head coach Ron Turner one-ups him by mentioning not only does he not care about the series, but his kids don't either. You hear that FIU fans, Turner also doesn't care about showing up to things.

The video contains not only the conference's football coaches but also has men's and women's basketball head coaches sprinkled in their as well.

If Conference USA was going for awkward responses by coaches who prove that they do nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe about the profession they work in then hats off to them. I hope they do another one in the offseason about the upcoming DC movies.