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Iowa Defeats North Texas Final Score 62-16 Recap

Iowa has no problem blowing out a North Texas team attempting to work through early-season struggles and injuries. The Hawkeyes start the season 4-0 for the first time since 2009.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that provided very few surprises, Iowa rolled over North Texas finishing with a score of 62-16. For a team that typically does not score in the sixties, Iowa had an exceptionally impressive scoring game from both sides of the ball.

The duo of RB Jordan Canzeri and QB C.J. Beathard powered the Iowa offense to 488 total yards and six touchdowns for the game. Those touchdowns paired with defensive scoring resulted in the blowout from the Hawkeyes.

The Mean Green appeared to have some momentum in the second quarter, scoring 13 of their 16 points. That was the only time North Texas seemed to have any sort of life. The team was outgained 488 to 356 yards and allowed the Iowa rushing offense to do as they pleased for the majority of the game.

One of the only bright spots of the game came when WR Carlos Harris threw for a touchdown on a trick play to capitalize on an Iowa turnover. The touchdown came one play after one of the two Iowa fumbles recovered by the Mean Green.

Iowa's Canzeri and Beathard both had fantastic days in terms of scoring and efficiency. Beathard ended the game with only 3 incompletions on 21 attempts and two touchdowns. Canzeri finished with a career-high four touchdowns and 115 yards.

The rushing defense was one of the few weaknesses for Iowa throughout the game. After giving up an average of 51 yards per game, Iowa allowed the North Texas offense to rush for 183 yards. Regardless, the Hawkeye's made up for the rushing yards allowed by finishing the game with two pick sixes late in the game as part of a 28 point scoring surge to end the game.

Iowa starts the season 4-0 for the fourth time in coach Kirk Ferentz's career with the Hawkeye's. North Texas starts the season 0-3 with three very disappointing losses for the fan base. Injuries are beginning to plague the Mean Green with both DB Kenny Buyers and MLB Blake Bean missing from today's game. However, without a bye week for the next 9 weeks, there is not much chance for UNT to rest and improve.