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North Texas Adds a Double-Backup: What Does it Mean?

After senior Andrew McNulty took every snap for the first two games, back-up Josh Greer finally saw some playing time against Iowa. This week, a dual-backup role has been announced. Where are you going with this, North Texas?

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

If you're a huge North Texas fanboy/girl like me, you probably follow the only other North Texas writer on the planet who still writes for print journalism, Mr. Brett Vito:

For those of you keeping score at home-- first of all, that's weird, go outside once in a while.

Second of all, this could be our first opportunity to see playing time from transfer QB DaMarcus Smith, who has yet to take the field this season, and whom we wrote about with enthusiasm here.  In that same space, we wrote about fellow backup Josh Greer, who did see action in the 62-16 thrashing against Iowa, when pretty much any sacrificial lamb would be sufficient (2 for 6 for 30 yards passing).

Perhaps we shall see a better showing against the Golden Eagles this week?  Or are we entering the era of a dual QB situation, as the North Texas fanbase grows frustrated for a win?

Overall this is something of a promotion for Smith, who transferred in during the offseason and, despite being granted eligibility right away, spent much of the summer and early weeks learning the system.  This could be our first chance to see what he can do against what is, in theory, equal-level competition... though the point spread currently says otherwise.

However things go down on Saturday, we have maximum confidence McCarney will use every tool at his disposal to win.  Because when you've lost this many more games than you've won, you need to start showing something new, to justify the job you've got.  We hope to see that something new from the quarterbacks-- and McCarney-- this weekend.