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Battle of The Bloggers: Louisiana Tech vs North Texas Preview

Louisiana Tech blogger Jason Jones and North Texas blogger Adam Rosenfield had a friendly discussion over email about their respective teams prior to Thursday's game at Apogee Stadium in Denton.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Jason: After getting blown out in Oklahoma, it really looked like Louisiana Tech still had not found their identity on offense.  Looking back, it looks like they gained a little confidence in the 4th quarter against the Sooners and Oklahoma so far looks to be worthy of their Top 5 ranking.

Adam: I don't know what to make of North Texas. Obviously, the team will go as far as our defense will take us, since a "solid" game for our QB equates to 9-12 for 86 yards passing. The recent BYU annihilation of Texas, and our pasting of SMU leaves me confused as to our position in Conference USA.

UNT killed La Tech last year. What's changed for you guys?

Jason: Tech could take care of the ball last year. The Bulldogs lost home games to Tulsa, Tulane, and North Texas and those were games they really wanted.

Ryan Higgins threw for 343 yards against UNT last year, but he had 2 interceptions. The Bulldogs got up 10-0 but UNT went ahead with 2 minutes to go before half in a 56 yard interception return. Tech lost 28-13 and they never got Dixon going in the game. Higgins threw 54 passes in the game because they were playing from behind the entire second half.

This year, at least late in the Oklahoma game and the last three quarters against ULL, Cody Sokol has been very efficient for Tech at quarterback. He is able to spread the ball around and most importantly; he is not turning the ball over.

Adam: Would you say Cody Sokol is a game changer ? Would he be the X factor in a game against UNT?

Jason: Cody Sokol is the X-factor for the entire season. He and fellow senior transfer Houston Bates are game changers on their respective sides of the ball. We will see if it translates to a win on Thursday night.

Who are UNT's key losses from last year and how good of a job have they done in replacing them so far this season?