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Worst Losses of 2013: North Carolina 80, Old Dominion 20

Two weeks after knocking off one of the nation's worst FBS programs, Old Dominion rode into Chapel Hill to take on North Carolina--and rode out on the wrong side of an absolute rout.

North Carolina made headlines with their historic rout of FCS independent Old Dominion.
North Carolina made headlines with their historic rout of FCS independent Old Dominion.
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Our "Worst Losses of 2013" series continues as we take a look back at a game that was actually competitive for about 15 minutes. Maybe North Carolina had an extra helping of Wheaties for their pre game breakfast, maybe Old Dominion was just having a bad day, but whatever the case, this one got ugly--and fast. We look back at what was a historic day for both teams--but for all the wrong reasons for the Monarchs.

Probably the funniest part of the North Carolina Tar Heels' 80-20 victory over the Old Dominion Monarchs on November 23 wasn't the sheer amount of points the Heels put up, or that the fourth quarter was trimmed from fifteen to ten minutes due to the scoring margin, nor was it the fact that the North Carolina men's basketball team scored just two points more in a 82-72 victory over the Richmond Spiders in a Hall of Fame Tip-Off semifinal game that was going on at basically the exact same time.

No, the oddest part of the game may have been the fact that it was only 14-13 Tar Heels with 2:39 left in the first quarter. The Monarchs' Jarod Brown had just hit a 40-yard field goal to cut it to a one-point game.

And it was actually 3rd and 8 on the Tar Heels' ensuing possession at their own 42, with North Carolina on the verge of wasting good field position and giving the ball back to the Monarchs.

But after Marquise Williams hit Bug Howard with a sixteen-yarder to extend the drive, seven plays later, it was T.J. Logan pushing it in from one yard out. 21-13. Still not out of hand, but at least the Tar Heels had some breathing room.

An ODU three-and-out gave it right back, and just four plays and 1:43 later, it was 28-13. Old Dominion was on the ropes, clearly needing to respond. And it looked like they would, after a pair of short screen passes and a 28-yard pass to Larry Pinkard put them in Tar Heel territory.

Then things began to go south.

Two penalties in a row put the Monarchs into deep, deep trouble. But after being forced to punt it deep into Tar Heel territory, they'd have the home team in another 3rd down situation--3rd and 1 at the 15. Stop them and get the ball back, right? Wrong.

Marquise Williams, who'd account for 60 of the Heels' rushing yards, broke off a 28-yard run on a draw play to keep the drive going. Then, this happened. Take it away, Jones Angell.

We'll spare you the rest, but it mainly consisted of a lot more scoring by UNC, several three-and-outs by ODU, a 99-yard kickoff return by Logan, and, to cap it all off, a punt return by Switzer, as if the Tar Heels hadn't dominated enough already. Because what's a Tar Heel game without a Ryan Switzer punt return for a touchdown?

In case you were wondering, UNC's 80 points and 721 yards of offense were both school records. This thing could have probably gotten up to 90 with a few more plays. Props to the Heels, though, for purposefully bleeding the clock and saving the Monarchs from further humiliation.

So, that would probably easily qualify as the lowest point in the Monarchs' young football history. Here's hoping it's a very, very long time before they give up 80 again.