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Kenneth Dixon: Man on Fire

Kenneth Dixon burst onto the scene in 2012, with nearly 1200 yards rushing and an eye-popping 27 rushing touchdowns. As the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs entered the 2013 season looking for an offensive identity, they did have one sure bet: Dixon was going to carry the workload.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

But Tech couldn't put together an effective passing attack behind its  totally rebuilt offensive line. As a result, Dixon only reached 25 carries in two games last season, even though when the Bulldogs were able to run the offense through him success followed. The Strong, Ark. native ran for 200 yards and a touchdown in a win over UTEP, and then added 207 yards and a touchdown in a win over Southern Miss. In a 23 carry game vs Florida International, he ran for 119 yards.)

Durability was a problem for Dixon, though. He had 200 carries in 2012, but at times was forgotten by the Tech offense in 2013. Dixon only had four carries against Lamar and Tulane, and two carries against Rice. Injures kept him from playing against UTSA or Tulsa. Even with all that missed time, Dixon still finished with 917 yards, and an impressive  6.1 yards-per-carry average.

Watch Dixon run -  he runs with a purpose. He takes pride in not allowing the first and second defenders to take him down. The 212-pounder has a variety of moves - a stiff arm, a spin and the drag.

With a more-experienced quarterback and offensive line, Dixon has help on offense. The improved talent around him might just be enough for Dixon to drag, pull, and will his team to more success in 2014.

354-pound Right Tackle Mitchell Bell and 325-pound Guard Kirby Wixson seem like the perfect tandem for Dixon to run behind. Coach Holtz also has 265-pound Josh Gaston and 260-pound Ricky Jones in his arsenal. The extra bulk around Dixon will help open running lanes for the junior.

Oklahoma was 25th against the run a year ago, giving up 137.6 yards on the ground. The Sooners aren't the biggest defensive line around, they average 274 pounds across the line, but they bring back all four starters including stud Defensive End Charles Tapper. Louisiana Tech isn't supposed to have much success in week one against Oklahoma, but they have an opportunity in week two and week three to really establish themselves against North Texas and ULL. Kenneth Dixon could be the difference maker for the Bulldogs

If you get a chance to watch the Bulldogs play in one of those early games, keep an eye on Kenneth Dixon. If he is healthy and breaking tackles like his usual self, Louisiana Tech has a chance to be successful. If he can get up to 25 carries in a game, the team might be getting enough first downs to control the ball and control time of possession.  Bottom line is: As Kenneth Dixon goes, so go the Bulldogs. Even if he has to drag the entire team along for the ride.