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Looking at Conference USA Football Attendance

We take a look at the attendance figures and trends from all 13 Conference USA football-playing schools

UTEP playing Texas Tech at the Sun Bowl in September. The Miners lead CUSA in average attendance.
UTEP playing Texas Tech at the Sun Bowl in September. The Miners lead CUSA in average attendance.
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

With Conference USA football at about the halfway point of the season, many teams haved play a decent chunk of their home football schedule. Let's take a look at some C-USA attendance stats that include numbers on total attendance, average attendance, % change from 2013, and % of the stadium filled.

Total Attendance

Old Dominion leads the conference in this category, thanks to having already played four home games and selling out all four of those games. In fact, Old Dominion has sold out every home football game since bringing their football program back in 2009! Not surprisingly, schools that have only played two home games are near the bottom of this table. However, UTEP and UTSA are exceptions, both have only played two home games but are included in the top half of this chart.

Average Attendance

UTEP leads this category with an average attendance of 34,200. Games against regional teams like New Mexico State and Texas Tech have helped the Miners draw crowds of over 30,000 to both games. UTSA is #2 on the table; they, like UTEP, have had two home games and had crowds of over 30,000 attend both. FIU is dead last in this ranking despite home games against ACC opponents Louisville and Pittsburgh.

% attendance change from 2013

UAB is the runaway winner in the category with a whopping attendance increase of 130.28% from the 2013 season. Could the Blazers' increase be inflated just a little by the fact that they have had two home games against in-state opponents? Perhaps, but it sure looks like head coach Bill Clark has that program heading in the right direction.

FIU is also dead last in this statistic. This is somewhat surprising considering the Panthers have already tripled their win total from the previous season, and have played two home games against Power 5 foes. Not to mention, they just hosted their regional rival, the FAU Owls.

% of stadium capacity filled

This stat is centered around how much a stadium holds. So it should come as little surprise that schools that play in smaller venues (ODU, Louisiana Tech, WKU) are near the top of this table and schools that play in larger venues (UAB, UTSA, Rice) are near the bottom.

ODU leads this category with 100% of their capacity filled so far in the 2014 season. As previously noted, Monarch fans have sold out every ODU home game since the program was brought back in 2009. Louisiana Tech is second on the chart with 79.67% of capacity filled. The Bulldogs' home stadium, Joe Aillet Stadium, is a bit smaller this year due to renovations.

UAB, Rice, and UTSA all play in venues that have a capacity of 47,000 or more and are ranked towards the bottom of the table. UTEP, leader in C-USA's average attendance, has filled 66.41% of the 51,000-seat Sun Bowl through their first two games.