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Spend an evening with two wild and crazy guys (for a very good cause)

Earlier this year, the A-State family grieved the passing of Brenten Cox, the ten-year-old Red Wolves super fan who gave us all a lesson in perspective and courage. You have a shot at giving something back.

Blake Anderson and Trooper Taylor want to hang out with you (for a good cause).
Blake Anderson and Trooper Taylor want to hang out with you (for a good cause).
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Brenten Cox was a fierce and adorable Red Wolves Super Fan whose life was taken from us way too soon. Many of us were first introduced to Brenten on Underdog Dynasty, thanks to a Charles Blouin-Gascon's piece you can read right here.

Brenten passed away in March. He had a brain tumor and he was only ten. If you think that's unfair, you're right. It sucks. Red Wolves Universe embraced Brenten and his family in an attempt make a little boy feel better about the things that are hard in life. But in the end, we received much more that what we were able to give. We gained perspective. We gained an understanding that while life is fragile and fleeting, it is also beautiful and courageous.

Brenten and Pals Angie Gallaher

Brenten, seen here with some of his best pals

And now we have a chance to give back something in return.

Two of Brenten's biggest fans, Coach Blake Anderson and Coach Trooper Taylor, are auctioning an evening out with two kind and crazy guys (who just happen to be Coach Anderson and Coach Taylor). The proceeds of the auction will help the Cox Family pay for Brenten's massive expenses.

If you want to help, you can place your bid here. I have a feeling that hanging out with Blake and Trooper will be more than worth the winning bid. But mostly, you're keeping alive a memory of someone who reminded us that football may only be a game, but


Brenten was just 10 years old when he passed away.