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Red Wolves Gameday: Which Red Wolves Made the Flight to Toledo?

Unlike Arkansas State's first three opponents, the Toledo Rockets are the kind of "peer-to-peer" opponent that will give fans a true look at the Red Wolves' capabilities.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Red Wolves the team that demolished Missouri State and nearly defeated Missouri? Or are they the team that got trucked by USC?

The Red Wolves struggled offensively for great stretches of time against USC, and had few answers for Missouri's defense once Fredi Knighten went down. Against Missouri State, the offense caught fire and put 70 on the board. The Red Wolves are back, baby! But for the first three games, the level of competition rested on both edges of the spectrum. So which Red Wolves offensive shows up in Toledo?

Fredi Knighten is the undisputed starter. But, how short is Fredi's leash?

Before his injury, Knighten played solid against Missouri, passing for two TDs. But he looked lost against USC and tossed ugly interceptions in both games. Meanwhile, back-up James Tabary led the Red Wolves to a monster offensive performance, but it was against an outclassed Missouri State team. Will the Fredi who threw for 400 yards against the Rockets in the GoDaddy Bowl show up in Toledo? Or will we see more versions of Fredi throwing from his heels and making poor decisions?

Kareem Hunt or no Kareem Hunt, will the Red Wolves run defense hold up?

The Red Wolves defense appears to be a unit comprised of big time playmakers, going toe-to-toe with Missouri and limiting Missouri State to a single score. Against USC, the defense recorded five sacks and wasn't helped at all by an offense that constantly put the squad in difficult positions. Now A-State faces a Rockets running game that rang up seven touchdowns against them in January. Kareem Hunt, hampered by a hamstring injury, may or may not suit up, but the Toledo rushing attack is still dangerous. Is this heavier, deeper Red Wolves defense for real? Or will the Red Wolves revert to the unit who couldn't stop the Golden Girls from going for two?

See you at 6 PM.