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Missouri Tigers AT Arkansas State GAMEDAY

All the vitamins. The prayers. The hard work. It come to fruition today as the newly remodeled Centennial Bank Stadium and the Red Wolves play host to the Missouri Tigers.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It worked out like one of those spy movies. I had casually strolled into the stadium, playing it cool among the food services workers and the remaining construction crew polishing the finishing touches. Access to the elevator was restricted to those with a key card, and I didn't have one.

Suddenly, the doors yawned open, and a stream of well-heeled Red Wolves strolled out. Real chill, I sauntered inside and had the elevator car take me up.

Club Wood

The $25 million dollar renovation to Centennial Bank Stadium is spectacular. The Woodard McAlister Family Club Level is as close to Caligula as you're going to get in Jonesboro: two fully stocked bars, more big screen TVs than a Sport Clips, and a majestic view of the game that towers over the masses. You want to stand at the window like Lex Luthor and shout, "Amuse me!"

It will be difficult to accept life as a commoner after ducking into one of the private suites. In fact, I seriously considered curling up in a ball inside the ice maker and hoping nobody would notice until after the game. Fortunately, my rugged, blue-collar sensibility pulled me out of the suite before I became too corrupted by avarice to post these three penetrating keys to winning this game.

Three Penetrating Keys To Winning This Game

1. Fredi Knighten has to become Jedi Knighten Again

Fredi showed of his wheels last week by running for 58 yards, but he completed only 35% of his passes against USC, leaving half his weapons without a chance to score. If the Red Wolves are to challenge the Tigers, Fredi will have to find his receivers and keep Missouri on its heels.

2. Put the Heat on Matty Mauk and Drew Lock.

The Law Firm of Stone, Chambers and Rolland-Jones will have to lay down the law at the line of scrimmage this Saturday, keeping the pressure off the Red Wolves still-melding secondary. If the Red Wolves can deliver the same heat it used to bake Cody Kessler, A-State could rattle the Tigers into making costly mistakes.

3. House Rules

Arkansas State met its goal of 10,000 season tickets sold, thanks to an assist from the head wolf himself.

A roaring Red Wolves crowd will give A-State the edge it rarely receives against "Resource Five" opponents, so it's up to us to show up and give the Tigers a dose of Pack Pride.