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Arkansas State At The Sun Belt Media Day: Who Stole The Show?

Three Red Wolves represented A-State in New Orleans for the annual #FunBelt day. Let's grade each of their performances.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It was the Sun Belt Conference's turn to hog America's spotlight this week, with each of the 11 members sending their own little contingent to represent their team and their school.

The Arkansas State cavalry included head coach Blake Anderson and seniors tight end Darion Griswold and defensive back Rocky Hayes. Now two days later, let's revisit each of the three performances and see which star shined the brightest.

Rocky Hayes - 10/15

Appearance: 4/5

Strong choice of a grey suit, because a suit game is a terrible thing to waste. The young man is eloquent and confident—many things that I may or may not be myself, thanks for asking—but he loses points for being so timid in his choice of shirt and tie and for speaking just a tad too fast.

Star power: 3/5

Rocky Hayes got dealt a bad hand. With a name like Rocky—Hayes is generic but whatevs, a first name has always been more important than a last name—he should be a shoo-in for the great name Hall of Fame. But he stood on the same podium as the next man on this list.

Best quotes: 2/5

"Different coaches see different things in different players."

If only all of us saw life the simple way that you do, Rocky.

"Usually we have to focus on getting relationships built with your new position coach or your new head coach, but now we can just focus on what's going to get better."

A young man who is all about #football is a young man I can root for.

"Most definitely, man. We got embarrassed a couple of times."

It's not how take it on the chin, Rocky, it's how you get back up.

Darion Griswold - 13/15

Appearance: 4/5

At this point of his career, Darion Griswold knows who he is, which is a destroyer of wills on a football field. He dons a navy-ish blue suit and a matching tie and a striped dress shirt: it's a subdued look for a young man who is confident in his skin. And that smile! Griswold doesn't flash it all the time, because he knows we couldn't handle it.

Star power: 5/5

What the man lacks in natural charisma, he more than makes up for with an all-world name. And really, what's the use for a boisterous personality when you have the most boisterous name of all? Griswold also plays tight end, which is football's most underrated skill position: the tight end will do whatever you ask of him, because he can do literally anything you can think of.

Best quotes: 4/5

"The guys are still going to compete for positions, and that's with any position."

Except, you forgot to clarify, Grisworld, the tight end position because we know who is top dog there.

"I think it was just more of (being) unlucky, man. We had a lot of injuries last year that kind of cost us on defense, but things happen."

If Griswold can be so accepting of this reality, it's probably because he knows that if one man could make his own luck, he would be such a man.

"Expectations are a little higher for him, because this is the second year."

Erm, coach, Griswold kind of just called you out.

"When you become one of the older guys, you become a coach."

Ah, I see that's why the previous quote happens. Glad we all agree about that.

Blake Anderson - 14/15

Appearance: 4/5

Blake Anderson has settled on a black suite and a white dress shirt and a red and back tie. The combo works as a whole, but it's not perfect because he blends in the black background of the conference room. But it's not his fault; this is #FunBelt speak for "It's not me, it's you."

Star power: 5/5

If the head coach owned Media Day this year, it's because he knows that he owns Jonesboro. Coming back to the Red Wolves for a second year has to buy him a lot of goodwill, despite a rather uneven 2014 season. Maybe the murmurs will start if the team doesn't win games, but at Media Day? Coach Anderson wins Media Day.

Best quotes: 5/5

"I'll make a very brief opening statement..."

Coach knows he's the guy.

"...We're healthy for the first time in a long time..."

Coach both reminds everyone of the excuses that doomed his team last season and sets the expectations for this upcoming one.

"In terms of the ceiling, we had a good year last year offensively, and did really well, but typically you see a lot of improvement from year 1 to year 2."

Like I said, Coach is staring at the expectations and saying, "Bring it."

"We kind of go as the quarterback goes."

And the Red Wolves have the best damn one in the conference.

Maybe you think that Blake Anderson, a grown men and head coach who is used to these things, should be graded on a different set of rules because this isn't his first rodeo, nor Media Day.

Cool story and all, but here's a bonus video from coach Anderson.