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Exclusive Q&A With The First Female Head Coach In The FBS

Underdog Dynasty scores an exclusive interview with Angie Gallaher, who gave $8,700 away for the chance to coach her beloved Red Wolves for the team's April 17 spring game.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Angie Gallaher will become the first female head coach in the FBS when she signs a one-day contract with the Arkansas State Red Wolves on April 17.

Underdog Dynasty caught up with the 45-year-old woman who is set to (sort of) make history. To our surprise and delight, she did not mind the typo in the tweet we had sent out to announce that she had won the auction.


First, congratulations on winning the bid. How happy are you to have this opportunity?

I am super excited! I have really been looking forward to this! So much so that it is keeping me awake at night. I'm running plays through my head, drafting my team, and getting my pregame speech ready.

Can UDD get some details on what your tactics will be for the game on Friday? Maybe try trick plays, run only counters, deep play action passes, etc.

I love trick plays so I hope Coach Anderson has some new ones for me. And those long Hail Mary passes have always been my favorite! I don't know if I will even draft a kicker, because on 4th down I will always choose to go for it! We probably won't even be kicking for the extra point, we will be going for 2!

Why, not only participate in this auction, but aim to win? Why spend what is seemingly a considerable amount of money to coach A-State on April 17? (Though I'll say that you got off rather easy compared to last year's winner!)

Please don't remind me how much I spent! I'm just a country real estate agent that sells property up in the Ozarks for a living. I do feel fortunate to have won this opportunity cheaper than last year's amount.

Did you expect to win? Was it more/less money than expected?

I had hoped to win but didn't really expect to win. I figured the auction would bring as much, if not more, than last year. Heck! I didn't even plan on going as high as I did! But when I found out it was another female bidding against me, I just had to go higher. The competitor in me kicked in and I upped my bid. Since winning, my opposing female bidder and I have become friends. Now she is my opposing coach. So this game will be about 2 women coaches!

Did you ever hesitate that maybe you shouldn't bid?

Yes, I hesitated.............but just for a split second.  I was going to buy a boat, which I could use ALL summer long, but I gave it up for ONE day of coaching my Red Wolves! My biggest 'hesitation' was more about being worried about what my parents would say when they found out how much money I spent doing this. Yes, even at 45 years old and married with children, I still worry about what my parents will think! [editor's note: We all do, Angie.]

What does it represent for you? What do you expect from the experience?

It represents checking off a bucket list item for me because I am such a huge sports fanatic. It is pretty awesome to be the 1st female FBS coach, even though that isn't what crossed my mind when I was bidding for it. The first female coach part escalated when it was announced a woman won the auction.

Do you find it weird to now see writers like myself now reach out to you?

Yes, I do find it odd.... and surprising too. After all, I'm just a woman coaching a spring football game that was crazy enough to spend her hard earned money on! I texted Coach Anderson Tuesday morning and told him that no one warned me this would go national! I thought I was just going to coach a spring football game & be done with it. Instead, my phone is blowing up!

You will have the chance to draft your team, get your own jersey and sign a one-day contract, give the pep talks, etc. Is there ONE thing you're most looking forward to?

No, not just one in particular. I'm looking forward to the whole coaching shebang! (Emphasis on SHE bang!) But I have to admit, I am looking forward to getting my own personalized ASU jersey. I'll hang it up next to my prized Drew Brees jersey.


Drew Brees? :/ She does have a knack for puns, so I'll let it slide. It's all happening on Friday, everyone.