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Arkansas State Red Wolves vs. South Alabama Jaguars: Preview, TV, Start Time, Betting Line, and Werewolves

Sun Belt Heat takes over Tuesday Night as Arkansas State returns to "South Jonesboro" to face South Alabama at cheery Ladd-Peebles Stadium on ESPN2.

Fredi Knighten returns to Ladd-Peebles
Fredi Knighten returns to Ladd-Peebles
Michael Chang/Getty Images

The Arkansas State Red Wolves have played more GoDaddy Bowl games in Mobile (4) than it has played the Jaguars for all time (3). For many Red Wolves fans, Mobile is Jonesboro South, a winter vacation home that has welcomed us annually since 2012.

But Tuesday Night's business isn't about beating up (or getting beat up) by the MAC! When last A-State met the Jags at Ladd-Peebles, the Red Wolves escaped with a 17-16 victory, thanks to a gutty, second half performance from Adam Kennedy (QB) that seemed to turn the entire season around. This year, both programs have begun the year 2-3 and 1-0 in conference. The Jags have loaded up on nine (9!) UAB transfers, including a nice QB/WR tandem in Cody Clements and Josh Magee.

The winner of this game makes noise in the Sun Belt.

Start Time: 7 P.M

Broadcast: ESPN3 ESPN2(!)

Weather Forecast: Pumpkin Latte Time

Location: Dank and Moldy Beautiful Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Mobile, AL

A-State Color Scheme: It's a mighty fine look.

Radio: 107.9 KFIN  (A-State), Lite Mix 99.9 WMXC FM (Jaguars)

Series RecordArkansas State leads the series 3-0.

Betting LineCurrently -4.5, Red Wolves. The line opened at 6 points. What's spooking Vegas?

#SunBeltHeat: Incalculable

A-State's ESPN FPI Chances: 79.9%

Proper Pronunciation of "Jaguar": You're good with going the standard route (JAG-wahr), or the more snooty British inflection (JAG-yoo-er). Personally, I'm sticking with the Arkansas State pronunciation (bar-BEE-cue).

What Happens to Red Wolves Fans at Ladd-Peebles:

Werewolves of Mobile

Werewolves of Mobile

When Last These Titans Met: It was brutal! Fredi Knighten tossed a pair of TDs and ran for a third as the Red Wolves outmatched the Jaguars 45-10. But that South Bama team isn't this South Bama team because...

South Alabama is Actually UAB in Disguise: The Blazer's suspicious misfortune was South Alabama's big gain. The Jags picked up nine players from the disbanded UAB football squad, including Cody Clements (QB) who chucked 14 TDs for 2,227 yards last year. Additional weapons that fell into Coach Joey Jones' lap are tight end Gerald Everett, linebacker Kalen Jackson, and two seasoned receivers, D.J. Vinson and Josh Magee.

Stat to Exploit: Cody Clements has thrown seven TDs and against 6 INTs this year. Will Money Hunter, Rocky Hayes and Friends add to their turnover totals?

Fastest Recovery From A Potentially Season-Ending Leg Injury Ever:

Mondie busted his knee at Toledo, and it was feared that the injury would end the enormous DT's season. Not so! Bob is back to wreck havoc on his former UAB mates.

So, Is Fredi Knighten Really Back: Fredi was 100% cleared to play in Toledo before red shirt freshman James Tabary trotted onto the field. Turns out, Knighten was still gimpy! Psyche! The all-Sun Belt QB was also held out for Idaho, but all signs point to a Return of the Fredi in Mobile.

Three Things We Gotta See Out Of The Red Wolves:

1. Reports coming out of Jonesboro indicate that Fredi is looking sharp and at full-speed, which is promising. A-State needs Jedi Fredi back to form, protecting the ball and keeping the opposing defense on its heels.

2.The Arkansas State defense is still seeking that signature game signaling a return to dominance. South Alabama can put points on the board. If Chris Stone and Company can pressure Clements and add to the Red Wolves turnover tally, we'll know the A-State Defense is back.

3. According to Coach Blake Anderson, penalties are just a symptom of the Red Wolves' aggressive style of play. We're more inclined to believe that penalties are a result of being totally out of control. Regardless, the Red Wolves need the refs to keep the hankies off the field Tuesday night. .

You Have No Choice But To Watch Red Wolves vs. Jaguars: Embrace it, America! Your only dose of football this Tuesday night comes courtesy of Sun Belt Heat! And you know what? This game should be pretty damn good. A-State's Michael Gordon and South Alabama's Xavier Johnson are two of the conference's more entertaining running backs, and the Jaguars have already proven their toughness with an OT win over San Diego State. Plus, the return of Fredi Knighten at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, the site of his football coming out, is a nice storyline.

Game Prediction, Yo:

Spike on 4th down? What kind of trick play was that?

Spike on 4th down? What kind of trick play was that?