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Three Underdogs in Need of a Uniform Makeover

For some teams, sweet uniform design comes naturally. For these three programs, not so much.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There is a fine line between a great combination and poor presentation when a team is selecting uniform designs. If the whole setup does not share consistency or has one element that ruins the whole thing, it can create an eyesore that will haunt your Saturdays for weeks to come.

With several teams recently releasing new logos and uniforms, we take a look at what teams should change or upgrade their current setup. There is no rank or order to the following selections.

Memphis Tigers

Leading off the questionable uniform brigade is the Memphis Tigers, whose jersey sleeves and pants stripe look like they came straight out of the 80's off a pair of Zubaz pants.

The non-tiger print parts of the jersey are alright and aren't really out of the ordinary, but the stripes are kinda gimmicky and seem to be part of a craze by teams to attract attention to exterior parts of the jersey. It would make sense if the Tigers were trying to distract fans from a 2-10 season, but Memphis is a legitimate contender in the American Athletic Conference.

In the case of the Tigers, simply changing those stripes would be more aesthetically pleasing. I think with all the history Memphis has, going with a a solid color jersey would look a whole lot better and give the uniforms a classic look.

New Mexico State Aggies

Next on the chopping block are the New Mexico State and its weird number fonts. I didn't originally notice, but the numbers are just really slim and awkward looking. They're almost on the level of middle school dance awkward, with the two skinny numbers just chilling there trying to get away from each other.

On top of that is the helmet logo, which is trying to take up all the space on the sides of the helmet. I like what they were going for with the sun symbol, but I still think the helmet could do without the text or just be a solid color helmet without the logo. I will say at least it is better than the all-text logos from a few years ago.

For the Aggies, It's simple fixes that will bring everything together on their uniforms. Fix the numbers and find a better alternative to the helmet logo and they'd have themselves a solid uniform that's not too hard on the eyes. Those changes could easily come with NMST's new uniform partnership with Under Armour, which will begin this season.

Southern Miss Golden Eagles

Capping off the list is a recent entry from the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles. I love the team's helmets and color scheme, but their uniforms come off as flat and uninteresting.

On their home jerseys, the black with the gray numbers blend into each other. Even with the yellow outline, the colors are just too similar to look nice together. If they went with yellow numbers, the difference would be more visually striking and less dull.

Looking at their away setup, the white with grey sleeves feels forced together. I'd say keeping the jersey all white with black numbers combined with yellow helmets would come together much better.

Disagree with my choices? Think you have a worse uniform setup? Leave a comment below with what you think is the worst underdog uniform.