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Houston, Texas A&M go all the way to Texas for new satellite camps

When you have all the talent you could ever want in your own massive, sprawling backyard, why go anywhere else?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

For some schools (ahem, Michigan), satellite camps mean traveling to other states, time zones and/or regions of the country globe to show off the brand and attract talent to the school.

For Texas programs, satellite camps are about keeping the in-state talent IN THE STATE.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the Houston area are the two biggest talent pools in the Lone Star State. It's no surprise that Texas A&M wants to recruit them both. And it's no surprise that the University of Houston wants to reel recruits from DFW.

The two schools have teamed up to add three camps to their summer lists, and Houston head coach Tom Herman's goal is clear:

The Cougars' coaches will be plenty busy in the heat of the early Texas summer. They already had eight camps scheduled on campus:

June 6: Mini camp — grades 9-12 and junior college

June 6 - 8: Youth camp — grades 2-8

June 8: Specialist academy (kickers, punters, deep snappers) — grades 9-12

June 14: Linemen camp — grades 9-12 and junior college

June 17: Mini camp — 9-12 and junior college

July 15 and 28: Specialist academy — grades 9-12 and junior college